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BBC viewers go wild as iconic drama will return for special after two years off air

BBC viewers go wild as iconic drama will return for special after two years off air

People are beyond buzzing

The BBC has been giving us a whole bunch of proper good telly recently, and it seems the cracking viewing material isn't stopping anytime soon.

And now, BBC viewers are now going absolutely wild as a beloved iconic drama is now set to return for a special after two years being off the air.

The series in question, which currently has three seasons behind it, first hit our screens back in 2018 and has gone down a storm with viewers ever since.

The BBC show is making it's grand return. (BBC)
The BBC show is making it's grand return. (BBC)

The British legal drama, written and created by Abi Morgan, follows the lives of the Defoes, a family of sisters working as divorce lawyers, who come face-to-face with their past after their estranged father returns to the fold.

They all work in divorce law for the family firm except the eldest sister, Hannah, who instead works for a rival family law firm.

Also boasting a star-studded cast including the likes of Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Annabel Scholey and Barry Atsma, it's clear that fans couldn't get enough of it.

The series is, of course, The Split.

And BBC viewers will be even more thrilled to find out at that all the female leads will be reuniting for The Split's shock two-part special, which will air later this year on BBC One and iPlayer.

The special will be set two years after the third season, seeing a divorced Hannah flirt with the possible idea of finding love again at a beautiful wedding in Catalonia’s wine region.

According to the BBC, the special will cover 'break-ups, reunions and like all good weddings, plenty of romance'.

And the broadcaster also confirmed that it will air before a new spin-off series, The Splits, launches, which will follow a new family of lawyers, Digital Spy reports.

Consider me buzzing.

And it's clear that I'm not the only one as many fans of the show have since rushed to social media to also share their excitement.

People were extremely thrilled by the news. (X/@bbcpress)
People were extremely thrilled by the news. (X/@bbcpress)

One X user penned: "Delighted about The Split. Perfect escapist drama, with stunning clothes and interiors."

"OMG THE SPLIT IS COMING BACK?!?" gushed a second, while a third commented: "Oh I loved the split can’t wait!"

A fourth exclaimed: "I cannot wait for this. One of the best dramas over the last few years. So bought into the sisters and their relationships and cried my eyes out when it ended. I'm hoping this paves the way for another series!"

"Well this has just made my day, no my year! What brilliant news. So happy," echoed another.

And a final X user added: "Yippeeeeeee great drama can’t wait!!"

Us neither!

The Split is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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