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Viewers in tears over 'extremely moving' new BBC show being hailed 'best thing on TV'

Viewers in tears over 'extremely moving' new BBC show being hailed 'best thing on TV'

'That was a phenomenal bit of television', one person wrote

When it comes to our insatiable appetite for TV shows with a great story, BBC regularly provides the goods.

In recent months we’ve had The Sixth Commandment, This Town and Traces to dig into - and viewers have been seriously impressed.

Though sometimes we want something different than a twisty, murky thriller - we still yearn for something wholesome and life-affirming to watch, from time to time.

Well, look no further than the new programme starring award-winning Welsh actor Michael Sheen, 55, in which he faces ‘the interview of a lifetime.’

The Assembly is as wonderful as television can get. The true life, half an hour episode shows Sheen being faced by a group of autistic, neurodivergent and learning disabled people, as he takes their questions.

The show, which aired on 5 April, coincides with Autism Awareness Week (2 April - 8 April.)

What follows is heartwarming viewing, but most importantly it’s entertaining.

Sheen is asked about a huge range of topics, from whether or not he knows Tom Jones, what he thinks of the Royal Family, to what it’s like being in a relationship with a woman just five years older than one of his children. Eek.

Michale Sheen faces a grilling in the show.

Sheen is in a relationship with 30-year-old actress Anna Lundberg.

Somebody posits the question, matter of factly: “How does it feel to be dating someone who is only five years older than your daughter?”

Sheen replies: “It's not like it was the easiest thing to do. We were both aware it would be difficult and challenging.

"Ultimately, we felt it was worth it because of how we felt about each other.

“Now we have two beautiful children together. I'm really happy because of the age difference I know I'm a older father.

"It does worry me. It makes me sad thinking about the time I won't have with them.

The Assembly coincides with autism awareness week.

“But I think if you find someone who brings you happiness and you make them happy. You've got to go for that I think and I'm so happy we did as we have this wonderful family now.”

Sheen does not shy away from answering tough questions, and is also moved to tears on a few occasions, including during a rendition of ‘Here Comes The Sun’, and somebody reading out the Dylan Thomas poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’.

Viewers have piled on the praise for profound show The Assembly which gives a platform to neurodivergent people.

People called The Assembly 'the best thing on TV by a mile'.

One person took to Mumsnet to laud the show, writing: “This was the best thing on TV by a country mile.”

Another person wrote on X: “Well that was a phenomenal bit of television. Brilliant questions, and Michael Sheen delivering a masterclass in how to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Extremely moving.

A third person added: “One of the nicest programmes I've watched in ages (and super chuffed to find out @michaelsheen and I share a love of egg and chips, train journeys and neurodiversity)”.

The Assembly is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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