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Viewers hooked on 'outstanding' BBC crime drama as it returns to screens for second series

Viewers hooked on 'outstanding' BBC crime drama as it returns to screens for second series

It stars Line of Duty's Martin Compston

If you're slowly but surely recovering from a heavy four-day Bank Holiday weekend on the lash, and you're looking for a brand new binge-worthy series to take your mind off your hungover nausea and dwindling funds, look no further.

That's because, the second series of an already-favourite British police-drama - described by viewers as 'outstanding' - has finally landed.

The crime hit stars Line of Duty's Martin Compston.

In the last week alone, telly-lovers have had a colossal roster of both brand new and returning crime-dramas to sink their teeth into.

Netflix viewers have been rewatching cartel crime-thriller Queen of the South this week, having seemingly forgotten about the jaw-dropping plot twists that the five-series hit boasts.

And for UK viewers who like their criminals a bit closer to home, Irish murder-mystery The Gone's notorious cliffhanger ending has had viewers utterly desperate for a second series.

If you've already binged your way through these spine-tingling classics, however, and you're on the look out for something new, the second series of a previously widely-adored police chiller has landed on BBC iPlayer, sending fans wild.

The first series dropped all the way back in 2019 and starred HUGE name stars, including Line of Duty's Martin Compston and Three Girls star Molly Windsor, instantly giving the likes of Broadchurch and Happy Valley a run for their money.

The show centres on three female forensics officers.

We are, of course, talking about Traces, the first series of which told the story of three female forensics professionals, who one day uncover the truth of an infamous blood-curdling murder case, and finally bring a killer to justice.

In the emotionally arduous process, one of women discovers the life-altering news that she's connected to this particular case.

Series 1's synopsis read: "Evidence doesn't lie – people do. The pressure's on for the forensics team as they search for answers – putting their lives and loves on the line."

Anyone else got chills?

Anyway, the first series was such a colossal success, that viewers were left wondering whether or not producers would launch a follow-up instalment, and thankfully, they did just that.

This weekend, the moment we've all been waiting for finally arrived, with the second series airing on BBC One on Saturday 30 March and being made available in its entirety on iPlayer as of right now.

"Hey pals just seen that episode 1 of #traces starts tonight, on BBC 1 the first series was brilliant," one fan wrote on Twitter this weekend.

The much-loved cast have returned to investigate a series of bombings in Dundee, and apparently, viewers just cannot get enough.

"Traces on BBC I played what a watch, trust me!" one wrote online.

Another went on: "I've truly enjoyed series 1 and 2. The plots are great, the acting's great and the direction's great. I binge watched series 2 over three nights. A series 3 needs to be produced, preferably sooner rather than later, please...!"

"My husband and I are hooked on this show," a third went on. "Once we finish season 2, can't wait for season 3. Good script and performances."

Another continued: "Outstanding series! The writers and actors created such incredible tension and suspense that I needed to binge it. I sincerely appreciate the female dominant cast... there a few crime dramas with multiple female leads.

"The breathtaking Scottish landscape finishes this glorious series."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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