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Bridgerton fans all have the same theory about season 4

Bridgerton fans all have the same theory about season 4

The fan theories have been going wild ever since the latest season of Bridgerton dropped on Netflix earlier this month

It's near impossible to scroll on social media without stumbling across a fan theory or two all about Bridgerton.

Now, we've already heard all about the bizarre reason why Lady Danbury apparently carries a cane, the gripping Lady Whistedown theories and been privy to a heap of analysis into a load of subtle details throughout the TV show.

And the latest Bridgerton buzz sees fans all having the exact same theory about season four...

One Netflix viewer took to Reddit to share their speculation over who will be the main love story in the next season, captioning the post: "I think Benedict WILL be next."

The Reddit user then continued, explaining their theory a little further.

"This might have been discussed before, but I haven’t seen it," they wrote. "I think Benedict will be the next season, because in the first 2 seasons, he roams about aimlessly, falling in lust, making art, being silly but never taken seriously (except by Anthony who misguidedly bribed his way into art school BECAUSE he believed in him and wanted him to chase his passions)."

They went on: "BUT in season 3, when Kate and Anthony come back, he says something along the lines of, 'It was rather nice to feel useful while you were gone actually' or something similarly toned.

Could Benedict be the next main story in the fourth season of Bridgerton? (Netflix)
Could Benedict be the next main story in the fourth season of Bridgerton? (Netflix)

"They’re setting up his arc of realising he wants to have a life of purpose and he’ll stop enjoying the frivolity of the life he’s leading; he’ll start to take art more seriously and slow down a little partying wise, and be ready for Sophie when he meets her. At least, I hope!!"

Fans of the 'ton have since rushed in to share their verdicts on the theory, with one Reddit user writing: "I agree.

"I have a feeling that Benedict is going to fall really hard for Lady Arnold. She will leave him and his heart will be devastatingly broken.

"This will be the impetus for him to change his ways to avoid casual liaisons for a while and pour his damaged soul into his art. At this point, he's going to meet Sophie. I didn't read his book so this is just pure conjecture."

"I completely agree!" echoed another. "Especially with this first half of the season where he’s shied away from socialising too much, I think it’s his time. I’m hoping that his character will develop more after his rendezvous with Lady Arnold ends."

And a final Reddit user added: "I also think this, especially because he doesn’t really have a lot going on in part 1 and I just think that they are going to prepare him to be ready for his season in part 2."

Well, I guess only time will tell.

Bridgerton season 3 part one is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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