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Love Island's new bombshell Ella shares full extent of her history with Tyrique

Love Island's new bombshell Ella shares full extent of her history with Tyrique

Turns out the latest bombshell as quite the history with Tyrique - including him 'kissing her face'

There’s even more drama on the way for the Islanders as tonight’s explosive Love Island episode will stir things up between seemingly ‘solid’ couple Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde.

Just after Ella, 23, ditched her old flame, one is about to be lit up for Tyrique, 24.

The pair have had their share of ups and downs during Love Island so far, especially after Ella came back from Casa Amor with Ouzy See, 28.

However, things didn’t work out between them and Ella and Tyrique found their way back to each other - despite a slight meltdown over it all from the lad.

Ready to cause even more of a headache, Ella Barnes, 23, is due to arrive in the villa tonight (13 July) as a brand new bombshell.

And the dancer and model, from Kent, is ready to make the ‘boys’ heads turn’ after revealing a history with Tyrique.

Promising to give us some top-tier Love Island content, Ella B has not ruled out pursuing him.

New girl Ella Barnes has history with Tyrique Hyde.

Speaking to fellow bombshell, Josh Brocklebank, 26, Ella B says: “Yeah, we've chatted, we've kissed. I saw him quite recently… I know he's fully closed off with her [Ella T] but they've had a few bumps... me and him have history.

“I feel like if there is any one person to turn his head it'll be me.”

Early into her arrival in the villa, she pulls Tyrqiue for a chat and makes her cards clear - with a good spoonful of flirting. “Maybe it’ll be the battle of the Ellas,” Ella B says.

Tyrique can’t hide his amusement and returns the cheekiness, saying: “Is that what you want, yeah?”

Revealing that their history is pretty fresh (and not just a few Instagram DMs), Ella B adds: “Listen, you know I fancy you and I know we get on.

"And I know you know we get on and I know you fancy me too… It's mad, I literally saw you a couple months ago, kissing my face.”

Love Island's Tyrique and Ella have had an on-off situation so far.

However, she’s thought through her approach as before entering the dating show, she said: "I’m going to go in there and chat to every single boy whilst keeping my cards very close to my chest.

"I don’t want to be in a love triangle so I’m going to put myself first. Whoever puts me first and makes me a priority is the boy that I will choose."

Ella B isn't the only bombshell heading into the villa tonight (13 July), following the recent savage dumping - she'll be joined by new boy Josh.

"I’m going to go in there and be myself. I don’t think Sammy and Jess are that strong, so I hope to make a big impression on Jess when I arrive as she’s someone I’d definitely like to explore a connection with," he said.

Josh, from Essex, continued: "I’m most attracted to Jess and Kady. Personality wise, I think I’d be a great match for Jess. She’s so bubbly and has similar energy to me.

"Kady is also beautiful, she’s a similar age to me and seems to know what she wants which I think is really attractive."

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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