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Love Island has revealed a sneak peek of Tyrique's plans since Ella brought Ouzy back from Casa Amor.

Getting off to a bit of a slow start - everyone a lot more aware of how they represent themselves on TV and their careers compared to series one and two - last night proved to viewers why we've all hung on in there this series and kept watching.

If you're not up to date, then turn away now.

Tyrique ended things with Ella when she returned to the villa with Ouzy.

Viewers were left gobsmacked last night as the girls returned from Casa Amor, revealing whether they'd stayed loyal to their boys back in the villa or whether their heads had been turned.

The only couple to be 'closed off' and so seemingly safe from any drama was Tyrique and Ella - coupled up from the very start of the series.

However, with Ella meeting Ouzy in Casa Amor - the pair having known one another outside of the villa - faith in Ella and Tyrique's bumpy romantic journey started to dwindle.

And then BAM. Ella returns to the villa with Ouzy just after Tyrique said he wants to progress their relationship even further and fellow islanders and viewers at home were left all with their mouths gaping open like fish alike.

The question is, is it truly all over for the pair like Tyrique abruptly said?

Ella, who?

Well, in a 'First Look' preview ahead of tonight's episode (Thursday, 6 July), tensions are set to 'erupt' as the islanders scrabble around trying to figure out where they all stand after Casa Amor.

But what's Tyrique up to? In the clip, the islander tells Ella she's 'thrown it [what they have] all away by bringing Ouzy back'.

Ella responds: "Literally me seeing you sat there by yourself it just makes me... Any trust issues I had, any doubt I had, like that just confirms everything for me."

Unfortunately, Tyrique doesn't seem to be having any of it, telling Ella it's 'done now'. He emotionally says: "What do you not understand? You taught me so much about myself, so many feelings I never thought I'd have and it's all just done, for nothing."

Tyrique then joins Kady, Jess and Scott for cocktails outside of the villa - as the singles on the island - and viewers hear Tyrique telling Scott about his plans to 'bounce back' by getting to know Kady. Dun, dun, dunnn.

As one Twitter user said: "Here we go again."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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