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Love Island's Zachariah Noble is clearly not too happy with Kady McDermott after she makes a shock announcement about him and Molly Marsh.

The remaining couples are still cracking on in the villa as they all battle their way towards the final, and after Molly Marsh's return last week, she's been spending much of her time getting to know Zach.

Zach and Molly have been hanging out in the villa.

The two Islanders have been getting close, but perhaps not as close as Kady is making them out to be.

A teaser shared ahead of Love Island tonight (12 July) reveals that fans are in for another night of drama, starting with a toast Kady gives while all of the contestants are gathered around.

She begins: "Well let's cheers to an eventful day, a good day, great people. Honest opinions, maybe not so honest opinions, but let's have a good night."

The Islanders seem happy enough to raise their glasses at her words, but things quickly turn from sweet to sour when Kady turns her attention to Zach and Molly.

"And also congratulations to Zach and Molly to being officially closed off," she says.

Kady's toast quickly went from sweet to sour.

Molly gives a slight shake of her head at the comment, indicating that she's not too happy with it herself, but Zach doesn't hide his surprise as he comments: "Wow, what a cheers."

The rest of the boys are left just as stunned, with many of them asking, "what?!", after Zara drops her bombshell.

It seems like there's definitely some sort of miscommunication at play, as Kady continues to insist that the pair are 'officially closed off' while Zach says he's not going to raise his glass.

Offering her thoughts, Molly says: "We had the conversation, she just brought it up. Thanks babe."

Molly Marsh did not look happy with the toast.

Fans will have to wait until tonight to find out all the context surrounding the apparent misunderstanding, but viewers have already started coming up with theories about why it all got out of hand.

A lot of people think that Molly might have exaggerated her closeness with Zach, leaving him with 'no idea' that they were closed off.

"Zachariah had no idea he was closed off. It’s still early days. I’m screaming," one fan wrote.

Another commented: "I know Molly said they were closed off. But did BOTH of them agree to that because i must have missed it."

There's still a good few weeks of villa life left yet, so we'll have to wait and see whether Kady, Molly and Zach are able to make it back from this new bit of drama!

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