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Shock twist as four Love Island stars axed from the show

Shock twist as four Love Island stars axed from the show

Four contestants have been dumped from Love Island in a shock double eviction

Four contestants have reportedly been dumped from Love Island in a shock double eviction.

Last night's episode (11 July) saw the islanders gather round the fire pit to recouple.

Alas, the islanders didn't realise just how little time they'd get to spend in their new couples, with four contestants having since allegedly been dumped from the island - action we'll see play out in tonight's episode (12 July).

The double dumping shouldn't come as a massive surprise to viewers after Love Island narrator Ian Stirling hinted at it last week.

Not long after the fallout from Casa Amor which saw six bombshells swiftly turn around on their heels, Stirling teased there would be more departures to follow.

He said: "I know what you’re thinking. It looks very overcast in there.

"Don't worry we'll probably get rid of three or four of the cast over the next few days."

Who do you think the four islanders are?

But is it two couples or four separate islanders who've left the villa?

Well, a source told The Sun one couple was dumped after getting the least public votes - viewers asked to vote for the couple they think is most compatible after last night's episode.

And then later on, after the first duo packed their bags and left, another surprise eviction took place.

"The islanders were completely gobsmacked by the vote and emotions ran really high around the fire pit," the insider said. "It was all very tense and there were lots of tears too because everyone was so shocked. It's going to be an unmissable episode."

If Twitter is anything to go by, tonight's results could be surprising.

So, who did you vote for in last night's vote and who do you think the least compatible couple in the villa is?

Well, according to Twitter, a lot of viewers were hoping to save Scott and Amber - despite the pair being in more of a friendship couple, Scott has become a favourite of the public's after the infamous Movie Night.

ITV declared the vote 'open' last night with a post to Twitter, noting the vote closed a 10:15pm. And it didn't take long for viewers to flood to the post to weigh in on who they'd be voting for as the 'most compatible couple'.

One user said: "Guys please let keep voting for Scott to keep him safe so that he can feel the love we have for him to keep him going. Please."

"You already know what to do. And it’s the truth! Tyrique & Ella are the most compatible couple," another said.

A third resolved: "I just used all 3 of my phones, plus got my 7 sisters and my 3 brothers all to vote for Whitney. We ain’t here to play with y’all."

Well, the countdown is now on to find out which four islanders are gone.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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