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Laura Anderson savagely changes baby's name after split from Gary Lucy

Laura Anderson savagely changes baby's name after split from Gary Lucy

Laura and Gary met on Celebs Go Dating before announcing their pregnancy

Mum-to-be Laura Anderson has changed the way she referred to her baby in an Instagram post following her split from Hollyoaks star Gary Lucy.

Former Love Islander Laura announced the news of her bun in the oven with a video on Instagram earlier this month, which revealed the new arrival would be coming this summer.

Laura shares the baby with Gary, who she met last year on Celebs Go Dating, and she was initially clear about his involvement as she dubbed the child 'Baby Lucy'.

"Our hearts are full," the original caption began: "Baby Lucy due Summer ‘23."

News of Laura and Gary's split emerged soon after the post went live, with Gary later explaining that they decided to go their separate ways because he didn't want to move to Scotland, where Laura is from and currently lives.

“Laura did want me to move but I have my responsibilities here,” he told The Sun.

Laura recently shared a snap of herself in Scotland.

“I have four kids and all the things that go along with that so it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to uproot at this time. Having gone through a divorce, my children need me and living such a long way from them just would not be possible. I wish I could break myself in half. I would if I could."

In spite of their break up, Gary made clear he was excited to be a dad as he told the publication: "My main drive as always is to work together to co-parent our child. I look forward to the arrival of the new baby."

Looking at Laura's Instagram today (22 February), however, paints a different picture.

Laura's post announcing the arrival of the baby still features Gary in images, but she's erased reference to him in the caption as she changed it to read: "My heart is full."

Rather than 'Baby Lucy', which involved Gary's last name, the post now continues: "Baby Anderson due Summer ‘23."

Laura updated her caption a week after the announcement.

Gary insisted after their split that he 'won't stop loving' Laura, and said previously that he would continue to support her through the pregnancy.

"We can’t get things to work at this time, but who knows what the future holds?" he said. "I think the world of her.

"She’s carrying my child and I love her even more than I did before because of who she is and what she is doing."

A few days after the pregnancy announcement, Laura shared a snap of herself smiling and posing in Scotland, alongside the caption: "The motherland."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

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