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Travis Kelce offered $1M engagement ring for free to propose to girlfriend Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce offered $1M engagement ring for free to propose to girlfriend Taylor Swift

A jeweller decided to shoot his shot to provide Taylor Swift with a custom engagement ring

If you were considering tying the knot and someone offered you an expensive ring for free, it could certainly be an incentive to propose right?

That’s what this jeweller thought after he shared that he had recently offered a ring worth a whopping $1M to Travis Kelce.

Bidding to have Taylor Swift to become Taylor Kelce, Steven Singer told page six: “I recognize that the most renowned couple globally has an abundance of options when it comes to choosing engagement rings, should they decide to tie the knot.

“If they do, I would be honored to help design a truly extraordinary ring exclusively for them.”

Singer went on to explain that he wants to help the couple because of his daughter.

The pair's relationship is heavily celebrated by fans.
Instagram/ killatrav

He said: “My daughter is an avid fan of Taylor Swift, and we admire not only her but also the values she champions.”

This plan of his comes after rumours began swirling around that Swift and Kelce, both 34, are looking to jump into a commitment soon.

He said: Perhaps, by presenting them with the ring of their dreams, it might make securing concert tickets for her next tour a tad easier”.

But the jeweller went even as far as to recommend some designs for the couple, stating that an Art Deco-style, 7.5-carat emerald-cut Earth Born diamond ring handmade in platinum would be an amazing style for Swift.

Singer continued: “With colorless, eye-flawless, real diamonds.”

He has even offered to donate the money to charity if the couple decided to buy his custom ring instead.

Taylor and Travis aren't walking down the aisle any time soon according to sources.
Instagram/ taylorswift

According to Page Six, Swift and Kelce have been in talks about their future plans and a wedding.

A source told the paper: “Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan.

“They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.”

The informer even said that they were putting off an engagement because 'they don’t want it to seem like it’s rushed insanity.'

However, TMZ come out to say that people close to the couple believe that it’s far too early to know whether they will ever move beyond the 'honeymoon' phase to process with long term plans.

A source told “He isn't going to propose to her anytime soon, so no one should get those hopes up, but he has talked to family and friends about what he could do that would be special for an engagement ring.

“Travis' career is a major focus for the next several weeks. He has to get the job done. He wants another Super Bowl ring, but it is safe to say that there is room to think about Taylor.

“And when it comes to Taylor, he loves her and sees a future with her and has thought about what a ring for her would be like as well.

“He has thought of having a lyric or a quote engraved on the band that is special to both of them, and he has also floated using some of the diamonds from his Super Bowl rings on her band.”

So, maybe there’s not going to be a ring for now.

Featured Image Credit: Gotham/GC Images

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