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Woman asked by fiancé’s family to give engagement ring back following his death

Woman asked by fiancé’s family to give engagement ring back following his death

The woman took to Reddit to question whether or not she was in the wrong for not wanting to give back her engagement ring

A woman has revealed how her late fiancé’s family asked her to return the engagement ring he gave her and instead, give it to his 'real family'.

In a situation that's both incredibly heartbreaking and unique, a woman found herself in quite the moral predicament.

Taking to Reddit's Am I The A**hole thread, the anonymous woman asked the online community whether or not she was in the wrong for wanting to keep the engagement ring her fiancé gave her before he died.

She explained how she and her fiancé dated for 5 years and on their 5th year anniversary, he proposed - to which she accepted.

"In my country, engagement rings are not a major thing," she said. "Couples show that they are engaged by wearing their future wedding rings on their right hand.

"Once they're married, they start wearing it on their left hand."

She continued: "Since his family doesn't have any heirlooms or family jewels, he had a goldsmith craft a wedding ring specially for me."

But sadly, a couple months ago, her fiancé fell ill and passed away. A few weeks on from the tragedy, his sister and his mum - who the poster said she never got along with - called the poster and asked for the engagement ring.

A woman has explained how her late fiancé’s family are demanding she give her engagement ring to his sister.

"They said that, since we never got married (our wedding was schedule for early 2022) and never will, I should give the ring to the real family, since it represented a promise that will never be fulfilled," the grieving woman explained.

"I told them no. Don't get me wrong, if it were a family jewel or family heirloom, I'd not hesitate do give it back. But it isn't.

"He had it made specifically for me, and I'll be keeping it, because he gave it to me on our 5th year anniversary together."

The woman then explained how her fiancé's mum has taken the matter to her own family - though thankfully, her parents are on her side.

However, the community have been divided over the issue, with her saying: "Some say the ring is rightfully mine, some say that it was a symbol of a contract that fell through due to sad circumstances, and that I should give it back, that I'm keeping one of their son's property and that it should stay with his sister to pass along to her future children."

The woman refused to give up the engagement ring that was made specially for her.

Well, although the community may be divided, Redditors have fiercely sided with the woman.

"First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss," one poster wrote. "Second, the ring is yours. Your late fiancé’s family doesn’t have some kind of ownership over it.

"He made it for you, and the fact he sadly passed doesn’t change that. You’re the rightful owner."

And another said: "The ring was a gift from your late fiance to you. His family has no absolutely no right to claim ownership of your ring. Block them if you need to."

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