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Stacey Solomon hits back after being mum-shamed over her childrens’ dinner

Stacey Solomon hits back after being mum-shamed over her childrens’ dinner

It's not the first time she's had to hit back at trolls online

Stacey Solomon has hit out at trolls who have 'mum-shamed' her over her meals for her kids.

The former X Factor star sadly isn't a stranger to online trolling - in fact, she regularly claps back at cruel comments or unnecessary messages from those who like to pick up on her parenting, family life and even how she decorates her home for Halloween.

Yet this time the star has addressed comments from a troll that she isn't feeding her kids properly. Watch here:

The comments came after the Loose Women star had shared a snap of tomato soup that she'd made using son Rex's homegrown tomatoes from his greenhouse in the garden.

After sharing the tasty looking soup, Stacey received a comment which read: "So you fed your kid a bowl of tomato soup for dinner? Wow."

Yet rather than dismissing the troll, Stacey took to her Instagram Stories to address them directly.

She told the camera: "Sometimes my messages at night really bring me joy. Don’t worry Wilma, I didn’t give my kids just a ladle of soup each and then send them up to bed.

"That was just a starter and then we had dinner after – they were Rex’s tomatoes so we were really excited about them.

Stacey Solomon has hit back at the trolls who made comments about her children's dinner.

"We had a really nice Hello Fresh after, Joe made us dinner, we had loaded wedges and I filmed the before and after, so we had Hello Fresh and a ladle of soup so don’t panic."

Stacey then showed the meal she'd prepared for after the soup as she continued: "In all honesty Rose and Belle just had my soup Wilma, they were more than happy…"

Stacey finished standing up for herself as she labelled the trolling 'weird' and said she’d '100% have just a bowl of soup for dinner'.

Stacey has caught the attention of trolls before, including earlier this week when she shared a helpful DIY hack that still found a way to get the attention of haters.

Getting in the Halloween spirit, Stacey shared a video of her making a spooky, bubbling and misty cauldron whilst reusing some old baubles from last Christmas alongside a diffuser.

The caption read: "Make a misty cauldron with me & Rexy. I saw a few people making cauldrons & I loved them. So we decided to make a misty version with a diffuser.

Stacey Solomon has been hit by troll comments about her and her family before.

"I thought it looked sooooo cool! & Rex LOVED it! I know it’s only September but lots of you messaged me & asked me to share some fun crafts early to be able to make them later on.

"So here you go. Testing them out on reels but if it flops I’ll carry on with them on stories & save to a highlight."

The cute video with her kids received comments including: "This is great but what happens to all the plastic one halloween is over?", with another adding: "The plastic waste."

Sadly, many amazing mums like Stacey who are in the public eye just can't win when it comes to the online mum-shamers.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@staceysolomon

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