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Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls after being criticised for daughter Belle’s birthday decorations

Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls after being criticised for daughter Belle’s birthday decorations

Stacey hit back after a troll criticised Belle's first birthday decorations

Stacey Solomon has hit back at cruel trolls after they criticised her daughter Belle's birthday decorations.

Belle, who is Stacey and Joe Swash's youngest child, turns one this week, and to celebrate, Stacey created a breathtaking birthday display featuring a giant cupcake, helium heart-shaped balloons and a huge floral centre piece filled with red, pink and white roses.

Take a look:

The table was lined with long, pink tapered candles, as well as pink teddies, sweetie jars and extra roses sitting in glass holders.

The decorations looked truly breathtaking, with Stacey explaining she couldn't wait for her daughter to see the display on her special day.

"I’ve finally finished Belle’s birthday decorations," Stacey wrote.

Stacey's youngest daughter is one this week.

"I can’t wait for her to wake up to this full of love sensory display tomorrow... I can not believe it’s been a whole year already.

"We are ready to celebrate you baby girl. To the moon and stars and back again Belle."

Stacey also handmade a heart-shaped cake, complete with pink and white frosting and 'Belle' written across the centre.

Some followers trolled Stacey over the display.

"Belle’s 1st Birthday Cake... Made by mummy, with so much love beautiful Belle.

"Honestly I’ve never felt so emotional making a cake. I’ve made every single one of my baby’s first birthday cakes.

"And if joes reaction at the end is anything to go by this is probably the last one why does it all go so so quickly?

"I’ll never forget how lucky I was to make your first birthday cake Belle and all of your brothers & sisters too.

Stacey baked the cake herself.

"To the moon and stars and back again darling 4 precious sleeps until you are One."

Most of Stacey's followers were blown away by the beautiful decor, but some shared negative comments, asking the mum-of-five 'who the display was for'.

One wrote: "She’s 1. Who’s it all for?"

While another said: "Looks great, but more for an adult, not for 1 year old. It's rather self indulgent. Sorry."

The stunning display was pink and red-themed.

But Stacey's fiercely loyal followers soon came to her defence, with many gushing over the beautiful effort she'd made.

One wrote: "Absolutely stunning. Smashed it again Stacey. You're a wonderful mum."

And another added: "What a set up Stace, honestly I’d love to see her little face when she see’s this!! What an inspiration, making all that yourself just proves that all that is needed for celebrations isn’t tonnes of gifts. Just your time and effort to mark the occasion. Smashed it."

Stacey even responded to a few comments herself, hitting back at trolls who had criticised her.

Stacey's followers were quick to defend her.

Responding to one who asked who the decorations were for, Stacey said: "It’s all for you sue."

Meanwhile, to a comment accusing Stacey of being self-indulgent, she said: "This comment is more self indulgent rosemary."

You tell 'em, Stace.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@staceysolomon

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