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Stacey Solomon 'mum-shamed' after posting photo of her children in the snow

Stacey Solomon 'mum-shamed' after posting photo of her children in the snow

Stacey shared a number of adorable photos of her family enjoying the snow at her home.

Stacey Solomon has been cruelly 'mum-shamed' after she shared photos of herself and her family enjoying the snow.

Stacey, 33, shared a number of adorable photos of her family playing in the snow at her home, Pickle Cottage, over the last few days.

The recent cold snap in the UK has seen many Brits hit with ice and snow, and Stacey took some time to enjoy the wintry weather with her children and husband, Joe Swash.

"The First Snow At Pickle Cottage & Rose’s first ever snow," said Stacey.

Stacey shared a number of snowy snaps.

"We woke up to what seemed like Narnia outside the window and the kids have never been so excited. Our roads hadn’t gotten round to being gritted so all school & work was snowed off!

"So we made the most of a very very rare snow day & spent all day in Joes childhood sleigh that he has had since he was 10, making snow angels & having snowball fights.

"It was such a special day that none of us new was coming. Happy Monday everyone… Hope you’re ok, and not too snowed in! Lots and lots of love from all of us."

The family had a snow day.

In one photo, Stacey can be seen sitting on the sleigh with Rex and Rose, who is wearing a matching beanie hat to Stacey.

Meanwhile, in another mega cute photo, the mum can be seen sitting in the snow with the little ones, and pulling the sleigh along through the garden.

But sadly, some trolls on social media were quick to criticise the mum-of-four after she shared the series of photos.

One person wrote: "Why wasn’t your son wearing a hat? You and Rose were."

But followers were quick to defend Stacey, with many pointing out that Rex may not have wanted to wear a hat.

One social media user wrote: "Sometimes kids don't like wearing hats. Way to go at shaming a mum when she's just trying to share some nice family photos."

Followers were quick to defend Stacey.

And another said: "I can't believe some of the comments on here, people are so rude."

While a third added: "Some kids wont wear them my daughter is the same she keeps taking her hat off."

A fourth said: "Ignore the keyboard warrior and the trolls you both are great parents and I bet your 2 eldest boys tell you that all the time keep making them memories merry Christmas to you all xxx."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@staceysolomon

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