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Stacey Solomon cruelly trolled over Halloween hack

Stacey Solomon cruelly trolled over Halloween hack

People are flocking to social media to defend Stacey Solomon after she faced trolling over her DIY Halloween decoration

People are flocking to social media to defend Stacey Solomon after she faced trolling over her DIY Halloween decoration.

Stacey Solomon kindly shared a DIY hack with followers to create a cool decoration ahead of 31 October, however, unfortunately some people couldn't help but criticise the star.

We're still over a month away from spooky season yet the trick or treating has seemingly already begun.

Careful trolls, we all know what celebration follows after Halloween and you could end up with coal rather than presents in your sack. Take a look at Solomon's spooky DIY project here:

Solomon took to her Instagram to share a video of her making a spooky, bubbling and misty cauldron, reusing some old baubles from last Christmas alongside a diffuser.

The caption reads: "Make a misty cauldron with me & Rexy. I saw a few people making cauldrons & I loved them. So we decided to make a misty version with a diffuser.

"I thought it looked sooooo cool! & Rex LOVED it! I know it’s only September but lots of you messaged me & asked me to share some fun crafts early to be able to make them later on. So here you go. Testing them out on reels but if it flops I’ll carry on with them on stories & save to a highlight."

Solomon has a helping hand from son Rex.
Instagram/ @staceysolomon

Sadly, it didn't take long for the party poopers to arrive in the comments.

One Instagram user wrote: "This is great but what happens to all the plastic one halloween is over?"

"The plastic waste," another echoed.

And a third commented: "Nah…lovely but couldn’t be ar*ed."

The end result is seriously cool.
Instagram/ @staceysolomon

However, people have been quick to leap to Solomon's defence.

A user said: "These are already recycled Xmas baubles."

"They're Christmas baubles that have been recycled into a Halloween decoration... which will probably be reused every year," a second wrote.

Another added: "You obviously dont follow Stacey, she’s a huge fan of recycling and re-use! She’ll either store it away for next Halloween , donate it or take it apart and make something else! One of the reasons she’s the best! xXx."

A fourth a commented: "Bore off."

And a final resolved: "Re-used every Halloween. Are you deliberately trying to look for a way of having a dig about the use of plastics? EVERYONE uses plastic whether they'd like to or not. Stop trying to be the Boring Police by trying to ruin Halloween."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

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