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Shaughna Phillips admits she takes eight-month-old daughter to visit her dad in prison

Shaughna Phillips admits she takes eight-month-old daughter to visit her dad in prison

She opened up about how she's navigating motherhood

Shaughna Phillips has revealed she takes her eight-month-old daughter to visit her dad in prison.

The Love Island star, 29, first welcomed her baby Lucia earlier this year (4 April)

Shaughna's ex-boyfriend and the baby's father, Billy Webb, was charged with possession with intent to supply a Class A drug and being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs a couple months before the birth (21 January).

Shaughna has previously opened up about the effect Billy's sentencing had on her pregnancy, previously telling OK! magazine: "After a challenging few weeks, obviously, the baby’s father isn’t around. But my main focus has always been just to prepare for the birth and try to be as calm as possible.

"I’m good at just saying, 'Right, the show must go on'."

While Billy's 'not around', Shaughna noted that she hasn't gone through the experience on her own because of her 'incredible' family's support.

Shaughna Phillips and her daughter, Lucia.

Since then, the reality TV star has opened up about how she's navigating the situation after Billy was landed with the nine-year sentence.

Speaking on the Oh, Baby! podcast alongside fellow mum Holly Connolly, Shaughna revealed: "I've been living in this weird life that I never, ever anticipated I would be living.

"It's not ideal, this is not how I thought my life was going to be... The only thing that's difficult is that I need to bear in mind that one day, Lucia may listen to the words that I say, may read things that I've said."

Billy Webb was jailed for nine years for drug offences.
Met Police

She continued: "Before I was in this position, before I had a baby, if you had asked me would I ever, ever take my child into a prison, the answer would be absolutely not. Anyone that does that is crazy. And then, lo and behold, I'm now in this position. And I think the thing is, we're always going to be co-parents.

"And I know that me and my dad had the best relationship ever, and to me, my dad is the best person in the world. And I don't want Lucia to think differently of her father... So I take her [Lucia] to see him. She's not going to have any idea, and I would never, ever stop him from seeing her, ever."

Shaughna opened up about how she and Billy are navigating co-parenting.

The former Islander added: "At the end of the day, this is where Lucia's dad is. This is where my co-parent is, and we need to just need to be amenable and roll with the punches."

She went on to tell her fans: "I feel like unless you've been in this position, you can't really have an opinion on it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@shaughnaphillips

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