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Sarah Beeny leaves fans horrified after revealing how she empties her dishwasher

Sarah Beeny leaves fans horrified after revealing how she empties her dishwasher

Many people felt her behaviour was ‘feral’

Sarah Beeny has left fans horrified after revealing how she empties her dishwasher, with many saying her ‘feral’ behaviour is ‘grounds for divorce’.

Kitchen etiquette can prove to be a particularly contentious topic in the home, as everyone has their own systems – which often clash with those of others.

Does your boyfriend insist on putting dirty dishes in the sink while you pile them on the side? Is your housemate known to leave tea stains all over the counter to mop up later, when you’d rather just wipe them away immediately?

And don’t even get us started on emptying the bins...

Well, it turns out presenter Sarah Beeny is guilty of something that others find nothing short of ‘savage’, having posted an Instagram video to share her bad kitchen habit with followers.

“Graham says the way I empty the dishwasher makes me almost untenable to live with,” she wrote in the caption.

“He’s caught it on camera just in case it’s ever needed in a divorce court.

“I don’t see the problem - saves loads of time. In general, he does it, which is perhaps a very good thing!”

Sarah Beeny with husband Graham Swift.

In the clip, filmed by her long-suffering husband Graham Swift, Beeny then showed us the way that she unloads the dishwasher.

She opened the door and leaned down to grab the cutlery tray, removing it from the dishwasher.

Beeny then took the whole thing over to her cutlery drawer and... simply lobbed all the knives, forks and spoons in there, shaking the tray to get everything out.

That’s right, she just upturned the container and let the cutlery pour out into a metallic mountain inside the drawer.

No cutlery dividers, no separation of utensils - just sheer chaos.

Beeny's approach sure is quick, at least.

In the caption, she added: “It can’t only be me who empties the cutlery like this??”

Many people felt her behaviour was ‘feral’, saying it looked like a ‘blood sport’ having to ‘fish in there for a knife’.

One commented: “Naaaa, I'm with Graham. My husband is like you. My goodness, it's annoying me like hell.”

Someone else said: “The noise from dumping it alone would make me get a divorce.”

A third wrote: “That’s grounds for divorce.”

Sheer chaos.

A fourth added: “But then the time you saved is lost on finding the knife fork spoon you actually want when you could just grab and go.”

Another advised how they always ‘section’ their cutlery when they put it in dirty, so that it’s ‘easy to grab and put away nearly in the drawer’.

Others, however, admitted they did exactly the same, with one of Beeny’s defenders telling her: “I do it roughly the same way good on ya girl.”

It's still a huge nope from us.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sarah.beeny

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