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Sarah Beeny celebrates getting the all clear as she reflects on 'rollercoaster' cancer journey

Sarah Beeny celebrates getting the all clear as she reflects on 'rollercoaster' cancer journey

She announced she had breast cancer last August

TV star Sarah Beeny has celebrated getting the all clear from cancer, having reflected on the ‘rollercoaster’ journey she’s been through.

Beeny, 51, announced last August that she had breast cancer – the same illness her mum had died from when she was just 10 years old.

At the time, she said she had already started a course of chemotherapy, and was due to begin radiotherapy in the new year.

The mum-of-four told The Telegraph she was apprehensive about the ‘difficult’ road ahead, saying: "I'm lucky because I live in a family where we all talk.

"They just said, ‘You will be honest?’ and I said, ‘I promise you that I’m going to be around for a jolly long time yet. It’s going to be a bit difficult.

"But I promise I won’t lie.’ And I think they were OK once I said that."

However, Beeny has now confirmed that she has thankfully been given the all clear.

Speaking on Lorraine earlier today, she explained: “It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but I feel very fortunate I had the diagnosis that I did, and that I live in 2022, ’23, and that I’m the age I am.

Beeny announced she had cancer last August.

"So many things I’m fortunate for, I feel very blessed.”

When asked how it felt to be told she was finally free of cancer, Beeny - who is mum to sons Rafferty, Laurie, Billy and Charlie - replied: “It’s good, but it’s weird.

“They kind of go, ‘Right that’s it then, that’s the end of that’. And you kind of go, ‘Well, how do you know?’

“And they go, ‘Well we don’t, we just sort of think so’.

“It’s a weird end because you feel like there should be a moment – but it’s ongoing. I’ll have to take drugs for the next 10 years, and be very vigilant.

“But yeah, it’s been a weird ride that I wouldn’t wish on anyone else, but I’m glad I did it rather than somebody else.”

Beeny with sons Billy and Rafferty.

Beeny was sporting a platinum blonde pixie crop after having her hair cut off by her kids before starting chemo.

Turning to Billy and Rafferty, who joined her on the sofa, she joked: “It’s been overwhelming how lovely everyone’s been – even you!”

Billy spoke about how they’d all been trying to keep their mum occupied during the ordeal.

"That’s all you really can do, in that situation,” he told Lorraine Kelly’s stand-in host Christine Bleakley.

“That was basically our job, to distract mum.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Instagram/@sarah.beeny

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