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Woman discovers life-changing dishwasher hack and people are loving it

Woman discovers life-changing dishwasher hack and people are loving it

People have been left mind-blown by the hack and are now trying it for themselves.

Loading the dishwasher every evening is one of those mundane tasks many of us don't particularly enjoy doing, but is one that is essential if we don't want a messy home.

And it can be a particular frustrating job when we've shoved everything in the dishwasher, only to realise we've stacked it all wrong, and half the dishes are still dirty.

Following that, the dishwasher gets loaded once more, or if we are feeling lazy, they just go back on the side ready to be washed again tomorrow.

However, if you often have this problem, fear not, as one person on TikTok has revealed the ultimate hack for creating more space while loading.

Be ready for your minds to be blown below:

In the video - which is a 'duet' between @frunpalandet86 and @hotdogsilly - one TikToker can be see trying (but rather struggling!) to fit a wine glass into the dishwasher.

But after a quick adjustment to the runner on either side of the top shelf, the tray lowers and the wine glass slots in perfectly.

Am I the only one that just realised you can adjust these trays!?

Seemingly the other woman in the TikTok was not in the know, as she can be seen in pure shock as she rushes to her own dishwasher to find hers too has the exact same adjustment.

The other TikToker was left shocked.

Many flocked to the comments of the TikTok to express their shock at the hack and something they never thought to have done before.

"I'm new to dishwashers and I still feel like I'm not loading it right... this helps!" one person said.

A second joked: "Tell me you buy stuff and don't read the manual without telling me you buy stuff and don't read the manual!"

Many are now trying the hack out for themselves.

Others joked that the method could not be real, while some suggested that they learn more from TikTok than from their parents, which is certainly something we've heard a lot of on the popular video platform.

However, that is not the only dishwasher hack to come out of TikTok, with a more recent one coming from @truearthmovement, who offered up a neat little trick.

Obviously, it depends on the model of dishwasher you have, but it turned out the one in the video had more than one way of storing the cutlery holder.

One option showed it sitting upright in the bottom drawer, as many people are used to seeing, while a second saw it laid down flat in the door, in turn making more room for plates and bowls.

Anyway, I'm off to check the dishwasher to perform this hack.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@frunpalandet86/@hotdogsilly

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