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Princess Andre celebrates huge milestone just months after failing some of her GCSEs

Princess Andre celebrates huge milestone just months after failing some of her GCSEs

She said she 'couldn't be more grateful' as she shared the happy news online

Princess Andre is celebrating a huge milestone just months after failing a number of her GCSEs, having shared the happy news with fans.

Last summer, 16-year-old Princess opened up her GCSE results live on Instagram alongside her dad Peter, with around 2,000 fans watching on as she found out how she’d done.

After collecting the results, the dad and daughter duo sat next to each other in the car as Princess began reading out her grades, telling people she’d passed three of her seven subjects after failing to achieve higher than a four in the other subjects.

Princess, who was already signed to PrettyLittleThing at the time, said that she ‘didn’t pass’ all of her exams, before adding that it was ‘fine’.

She explained: "So basically, the way it works, a 4 is a pass and then below a 4 is a fail and a 9 is the highest you can get.

“I got a 3 in Business, a 3 in drama, a 5 in English, 6 in Fashion, 4 in Music and a 3 in Geography and Maths.

“It's not bad, I'm annoyed at Maths because I have to re-take it."

Princess Andre.

Peter then told her: “Yeah but you got close, you got really close.”

Princess added: “Yeah, I was nine marks off getting a 4," to which Peter said: "I saw you working hard, that's more important, you worked hard."

"I need to re-sit my Maths, I hate Maths... Maths is like I never get Maths.”

But by October, she had already got her thinking cap on to figure out what her next move will be.

She told the Mirror: "I love doing what I'm doing now and also beauty training. I'm ready to get stuck in."

And it seems she’s also been busy building her personal brand online, having now celebrated a huge milestone on TikTok – a whopping 700,000 followers.

Posting about the news on Instagram, she wrote: "700K followers! I couldn't be more grateful thank you for everyone following and supporting love you all."

Princess has celebrated a huge milestone on TikTok.

Of course, Princess – who also has 685,000 followers on Instagram – has a bit of a way to go to catch up with her famous mum Katie Price.

She’s got 1.6 million on TikTok and 2.6 million on Instagram.

Still, it doesn’t sound like her daughter’s too fussed about being quite as big as her mother, having swerved away from a career in showbiz to focus on beauty – even if there are some elements she’s happy to embrace.

In her interview with the Mirror, she admitted she likes going to fancy events, adding: "I don't mind my picture being taken."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@offiicalprincess_andre/@katieprice

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