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Kym Marsh hits out after trolls criticise age gap with new boyfriend Samuel Thomas

Kym Marsh hits out after trolls criticise age gap with new boyfriend Samuel Thomas

The 48-year-old Coronation Street actor has addressed the comments on social media

Kym Marsh has issued her response to internet trolls who criticised the age gap with her new boyfriend, Samuel Thomas.

Over the weekend (7 July), the 48-year-old Corrie star took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her kissing her boyfriend, 29, in a photo booth.

She captioned the post: "Met the most amazing man ever! Sometimes the most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected times. @samuelthomasuk I love you #beautiful #soulmate #loveyou."

Kym Marsh and Samuel Thomas. (Instagram/@samuelthomasuk)
Kym Marsh and Samuel Thomas. (Instagram/@samuelthomasuk)

Clearly feeling the love too, Samuel, who met Kym while starring in The 101 Dalmatians Musical, took to his own Instagram to share a black and white snap of them both.

"I didn’t expect you, but here you are," he captioned the post. "I love you @marsh_kym."

It didn't take long for many to rush in, slamming Kym's newest relationship, with one Instagram user writing: "Here we go again."

"You said that about the last bloke the other year," jabbed a second while a third piped up: "Is he only 29 yrs old?"

"He looks like your son!" wrote a fourth. "Kym I like you but keep it private ffs."

And another hit out: "Jesus...... Another amazing man.....5 minute wonder... he looks like your son."

Kym hit back at trolls online. (Instagram/@marsh_kym)
Kym hit back at trolls online. (Instagram/@marsh_kym)

Kym took no time to respond to the hate comments with a pretty iconic two-word response: "Do one."

Fortunately, many fans came to Kym's defence - pointing out the stark differences on how people view age-gap relationships when the woman is older compared to the man.

One penned: "Why is it that when a female meets a younger man that people are quick to comment....why can't they just think before they press the keypad."

A second chipped in: "Wow some of these comments are absolutely disgusting..again women attacking women, get a grip!!!!"

"Happy for you Kym, ignore the nasty comments," supported a third. "It takes more guts to end a relationship than stay. At least your not like half the population that stay with their partners because they like the fancy car, big house and the M&S shop! You go girl, stuff ‘em."

And a final Instagram user echoed: "F*ck the haters on this post gal. So many of us love you and are happy for you."

Kym was married to her first husband, EastEnders actor Jack Ryder, 42, from 2002 to 2009, before tying the knot with Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas, 49.

She went on to have one child, Polly, 13, with Jamie during their marriage from 2012 to 2014.

The actor then married Army Major, Scott Ratcliff, 35, but that ended just 13 months after their wedding in 2021.

She also shares two children, David, 29, and Emilie, 27, from a previous relationship with Dave Cunliffe which lasted between 1994 to 1999.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@marsh_kym/@samuelthomasuk

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