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Jade Goody's mum takes brutal swipe at Jeff Brazier as she opens up about grandson Bobby

Jade Goody's mum takes brutal swipe at Jeff Brazier as she opens up about grandson Bobby

Jade Goody died of cervical cancer in 2009 aged 27

Strictly fans will have noticed TV presenter Jeff Brazier sitting on the front row of the live studio audience week after week, supporting his son, Bobby.

After each dance that the young EastEnders actor, 20, performs alongside his professional partner Dianne Buswell, dad Jeff is seen wiping away a tear.

And this weekend was no exception, after Bobby and Dianne performed a tear-jerking routine to Dirty Dancing's 'Time of my Life', Jeff looked on emotionally from the sidelines.

Despite consistently showing support for his son, Jeff has found himself under fire from Bobby's own grandmother.

Jackiey Budden - late Big Brother star Jade Goody's mother, and her sons Bobby and Freddie's grandma - told the Daily Mail that their father Jeff had been a 'c**k for f*****g nine years'.

Jeff is often seen crying at Bobby's shows.

But the spat between Jeff and Jackiey allegedly dates much further back than many might assume, despite the grandmother being on great terms with her grandsons.

In September this year, while attending the annual National Television Awards in support of Bobby winning the Rising Star accolade, she was heard branding Jeff 'a c**t'.

And when asked about her comment, she told the Daily Mail: "When I came out for the NTA Awards, I'm loud and it's the drink and someone went 'oh I bet you're really proud' and 'how do you get on with Jeff Brazier' and I said 'he's a c**k'.

Jade Goody's mum Jackiey Hudden slammed Jeff.
Getty/Jon Furniss/WireImage

"Next minute I'm on the internet and all over the papers. As I came out of the O2, someone overheard me say it, so they sold the story."

Asked if and why she made her comment about her former son-in-law, she confirmed: "Of course I said it. I haven't got a problem with (calling him that).

"He's been a c**k for f****** nine years.

"Bobby doesn't need that stress on his head. He's my grandson."

Jeff and Jade called time on their relationship back in 2004, before she moved on with her Celebrity Big Brother co-star Jack Tweed in 2006, who she subsequently married.

Jade died of cervical cancer in 2009 aged 27, after which Bobby says he and his nan had often lost touch with one another.

Bobby and his Strictly partner Dianne.

In 2021, he said on Instagram of his grandmother: "I didn't see her for ages - for way too long - but I went to see her twice recently.

"And honestly if there's one woman you shouldn't underestimate it's my nan. Honestly, she's like a wizard! It's nuts."

Tyla has contacted Jeff Brazier's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage/Instagram/@jeffbrazier

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