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Bobby Brazier confirms relationship status with Ellie Leach after romance rumours

Bobby Brazier confirms relationship status with Ellie Leach after romance rumours

The Strictly duo have finally set the record straight on the speculation

They may have gone head-to-head in the Strictly Come Dancing grand finale just before Christmas, but rumours have been rife regarding the new 'relationship status' of Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach.

The soap star pair battled it out for the Glitterball Trophy back in December, along with their third competitor, actor Layton Williams.

But luckily for 22-year-old Coronation Street star Ellie - who was partnered up with professional dancer Vito Coppola on the BBC hit - the odds were in her favour, and she was crowned the Strictly 2024 champ.

And since the show came to an end, winner Ellie and her runner-up co-star Bobby have seemingly been joined at the hip.

The duo have been appearing side-by-side on the hotly-anticipated Strictly tour, travelling across the country together and performing for millions of fans of the long-standing show.

Regular sharing snaps together - seemingly enjoying one another's company - it's no surprise that fans have been wondering whether Bobby and Ellie's friendship may have developed into something more serious.

The duo appear to have grown close whilst on the Strictly tour.

The rumours followed news that the TV stars had been going on 'secret dates' and were even spotted holding hands.

And last night, after weeks of speculation, 20-year-old EastEnders star Bobby finally set the record straight on their alleged romance, confirming their relationship status.

Despite describing Ellie as 'beautiful' and 'amazing', the actor refused to divulge too much when catching up with The Sun on the red carpet of the TV Choice Awards.

"She is a lovely lovely friend of mine," he initially said, adding "She’s a lovely, lovely, lovely friend of mine," after being pressed further.

Bobby was careful not to shut down a future romance with his toe-tapping co-star, however.

Bobby set the record straight on his and Ellie's relationship at the TV Choice awards last night.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Asked whether sparks could one day fly between them, he teased: "I don’t know…you’ll have to see what she says."

This isn't the first time that Ellie - who plays Faye Windass on the Cobbles - has been rumoured to have struck up a romance with one of her Strictly cast-mates, however.

Whilst the show was airing last year, viewers began wondering whether she and professional partner Vito, 31, could be enjoying a behind-the-scenes affair after their chemistry on the dance floor sky-rocketed them to the top of the leader board week after week.

But chatting to The Mirror at the time, the on-screen pairing shut down romantic rumours, insisting their just extremely close friends.

Ellie was initially rumoured to be dating her Strictly partner Vito.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Vito told the publication: "We have a great relationship and honestly when you just find people, not just me and Ellie but their family which I love.

"You just find these people that you think are going to stay in my life forever, in each others lives forever. And all the family and the dogs."

The Italian dancer continued: "We are going no where, don't worry I am going to annoy you every single day, every week and every single year."

Then, when asked if they mean as something more, or just friends, Ellie replied: "Yes," and Vito also emphasised, "Yes as good friends."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bobbybrazier/@ellielouiseleach

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