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Strictly star Bobby Brazier says he's 'falling in love' with Dianne Buswell

Strictly star Bobby Brazier says he's 'falling in love' with Dianne Buswell

He feels 'very lucky' to have been teamed up with her

Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier has said he’s ‘falling in love’ with his dance partner Dianne Buswell.

Bobby, 20, is the son of late Big Brother star Jade Goody, who died in 2009 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, which later spread to other areas of her body.

She passed away at the age of just 27, leaving behind Bobby and his little brother Freddie - her two sons with ex Jeff Brazier.

Eldest Bobby has gone on to forge a successful career in acting and modelling, having joined the cast of EastEnders last year, and is now even competing in the latest season of Strictly, telling the BBC ahead of the new series: “I was always going to say yes, whether it was this year, last year, the next year because I love dancing.

“That's it - whether it was on TV or not, the opportunity to dance with a professional dancer, and learn a different style of dancing every week is just my idea of a good time.”

Bobby Brazier was paired with Dianne Buswell.

While some viewers aren’t convinced by him being paired with professional dancer Dianne Buswell, having noticed a big ‘problem’ - namely, their height difference.

However, Bobby couldn’t be happier with his new teammate, saying he’s ‘falling in love’ with her.

Don’t worry, it doesn't sound like they’ve not fallen victim to the Strictly curse, he’s just feeling 'very lucky’ to be dancing with the ‘diamond’ that is 34-year-old Dianne.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “I could speak about Dianne all day. She's just a diamond - you know what, I'm falling in love with her. She's just great. I feel very lucky.”

Bobby also said that he’s been known to sleep on the job while training... Oops.

When asked if he was a ‘perfectionist’ during his sessions with Dianne, he replied: “Dianne would say no because I've been taking as many breaks as possible, I've been napping as much as possible. Necessary digestive periods, I call it.”

The two are so close they already feel like 'brother and sister'.

In a recent Instagram post, he referred to his new friend as his 'sister' - a bond that Dianne also feels the same way about.

On the launch show, she admitted: “I am so happy. I have already adopted Bobby as my little brother, and I already care so much about him, I just want him to have the best time ever."

In his interview with the BBC before the season started, Bobby said he hoped to just have a bit of ‘fun’ on Strictly, vowing not to take things too seriously.

He said: “I'm ready to just take it all in my stride, it's all part of doing Strictly I think it’ll make it even more fun.

“I imagine dancing is going to be great and dancing to music that I enjoy is going to be great, but doing it in a costume that fits the energy of the song and the dance and stuff... it's just one big performance and I’m a performer!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bobbybrazier/BBC

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