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Holly Willoughby forced to pull out of This Morning after man ‘plotted to kidnap her’

Holly Willoughby forced to pull out of This Morning after man ‘plotted to kidnap her’

Police confirmed a man was arrested last night

Holly Willoughby was forced to pull out of This Morning yesterday after a man threatened to 'kidnap and seriously harm' the presenter.

Her ITV colleagues on Good Morning Britain confirmed the terrifying news on today's programme, telling viewers that 'sinister messages' had reportedly been found on the man's phone.

Essex Police has confirmed that a man has been arrested in connection with the incident, saying that Holly's home - which she shares with husband Daniel Baldwin and their three children - was under police watch.

Kate Garraway told GMB viewers: “Holly Willoughby was forced to pull out from presenting This Morning yesterday after an alleged kidnapping plot was foiled by police.

“A 36-year-old man, who was not known to the star, was arrested on Wednesday evening.”

Ben Shephard said it was a really ‘sinister story', before the pair passed over to reporter Liz Summers.

Holly with husband Daniel.

Reporting live from Harlow Police Station, she explained: “This is a deeply concerning and worrying story to wake up to today. We understand that a man not known to Holly Willoughby was arrested at his flat here in Harlow on Wednesday night.

"It was actually The Sun newspaper that originally broke this story, and they say that police allegedly found sinister messages on a number of devices, threatening to kidnap and seriously harm the presenter.”

Summers continued: “This morning there’s no word yet from either ITV or Holly Willoughby. We understand that the presenter’s home is under police guard this morning at that home that she shares with her husband and three children as these police investigations continue.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “A 36-year-old man from Harlow has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap as part of an ongoing investigation.

“The arrest was made on Wednesday 4 October.

“He is currently in custody.

“Enquiries continue.”

Alison Hammond stepped in for Holly yesterday.

Holly was replaced on yesterday’s show by Alison Hammond, having said to pull out shortly before the show was set to go to air.

Alison was joined by Josie Gibson, who said: "Look who's joined me. It's only the one and only Alison Hammond!"

Alison responded: "Oh, Josie! I hope you don't mind, I got a bit jealous. I saw you and Holly and you were talking about being blonde and I thought 'I'm going to shake this up a bit. I'm getting in there'.

"Is that ok? You don't mind?"

Josie then said: "No, of course not, I love you!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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