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Hailey Bieber fans only now realising why her Coachella outfit makes so much sense

Hailey Bieber fans only now realising why her Coachella outfit makes so much sense

Hailey Bieber's outfit was...strange

Justin and Hailey Bieber have announced they are expecting their first child - and blown up the internet while they were at it.

The couple announced the news on Instagram on Thursday (9 May) with an adorable post showing their vow renewal and baby bump.

In the post, Hailey can be seen wearing a white, lace dress, while Justin is cradling her baby bump. So cute!

Celeb pals were quick to comment on the post, with Kendall Jenner commenting: "ahhhh here come the tears again."

Kim Kardashian said: "I love you guys sooooo much!!!!"

As fans and celebrities alike celebrated the pair, fans began to speculate about when she knew she was pregnant and how she has been hiding it so well.

Hailey Bieber is pregnant! Instagram/ @haileybieber
Hailey Bieber is pregnant! Instagram/ @haileybieber

Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27, got married in 2018 after years of on-and-off dating, before having a beautiful wedding around a year later, in South Carolina.

The couple have always been private about their relationship, which is why them announcing that they are expecting their first baby came as a major shock to just about everyone.

Though, a lot of people pieced together that a recent crying photo may be an indication of when he found out.

People do believe, however, that Hailey knew before Coachella due to her unusual outfit choices.

Redditors were quick to hop on and piece it together.

One said: “Her Coachella outfits suddenly make so much sense. Congratulations to them! Wishing her a healthy and safe pregnancy esp with her mini stroke health scare in 2022.”

Another commented: “A leather jacket at Coachella? Even without pants that must be sweltering.”

Someone else enjoyed being right: “Totally guessed this was coming when I saw that plus some fan photos of them in Hawaii recently! (As did like a million people haha but still, I love being right!)”

Her Coachella outfit was...odd. Instagram/ @haileybieber
Her Coachella outfit was...odd. Instagram/ @haileybieber

A few years ago, Justin spoke about the possibility of starting a family with his wife.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2020, Justin said: "I'm going to have as many as Hailey is wishing to push out.

“I'd love to have myself a little tribe, but it's her body and whatever she wants to do.

"There's not really an issue, but I think Hailey still has some things she wants to accomplish as a woman.

"And I think she just is not ready yet, and I think that's OK."

Hailey also spoke about her fears about motherhood, telling The Times: “I literally cry about this all the time! I want kids so bad but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends.

"I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child.”

She continued: “We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@haileybieber

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