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Chelsee Healey slams trolls after they mocked her newborn baby’s 'unusual' name

Chelsee Healey slams trolls after they mocked her newborn baby’s 'unusual' name

The Hollyoaks actress has revealed her baby's name

As the majority of big-name celebs will unfortunately be more than aware of, one of the biggest downsides of global fame is be subjected to online trolls.

And this week, it looks as though you can't even as much as upload a festive Instagram snap without having thousands of followers have their - often brutal - say on the ins and outs of your personal life.

Sadly, no one knows that more so at the moment than Hollyoaks actor Chelsee Healy, who has come under fire from trolls after revealing she name she has given to her days-old daughter.

The 35-year-old former soap star took to social media on Christmas Eve to share the delightful news that she and her mystery boyfriend has welcomed a little girl.

The majority of Chelsee's followers were quick to offer the on-screen star their well wishes and offer their love and support since welcoming her second child.

Other followers, however, were quick to hit out at the actor's choice of name for her daughter, after she revealed she'd named the youngster Cookie.

Chelsee has welcomed her second child.

"Stop choosing names for your kids that people will bully them with because you want to be 'special'," one troll hit out.

Chelsee - is also mother to daughter Coco, who she shares with her ex Jack Malloy - was then forced to fire back at the savage comment.

"@amber.darke any kid bully’s my kids [angry emoji] we don’t tollerate bully’s bring your kids up better and mind your buisness", she wrote back.

Another handful of trolls took to the photo's comment section to criticise the star, with one writing: "Coco & Chanel would be fitting wouldn’t it for our there names… xx not sure on cookie, sounds like one you’d name your dog. But it’s very cute I’ll give you that."

Chelsee revealed she'd named her daughter Cookie.

Chelsee later posted a message on her Instagram Story, thanking those who'd offered their support.

"Thank you so so much for the gorgeous messages and comments on my new baby girl," she hit out. "It's been a difficult week but so happy she is here and healthy.

"Also the nasty messages and comments on our daughter's name, it's Christmas and people still can't be kind.

"Taking time to get myself better in every aspect and enjoy my beautiful baby and be the best mummy I can be for Coco and Cookie.

"Hope you have all had the most gorgeous Christmas."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chelseehealey

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