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Jeff Brazier defends himself after son Bobby revealed he makes him and brother Freddie pay rent

Jeff Brazier defends himself after son Bobby revealed he makes him and brother Freddie pay rent

The young Strictly star has just faced a rent increase

Bobby Brazier's dad has spoken out to defend himself after the Strictly Come Dancing star revealed he makes him and his brother Freddie pay rent.

Jeff Brazier, 44, shares 19-year-old Freddie and Bobby, 20, with ex Jade Goody, who passed away back in March 2009 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, which later spread to other areas of her body, including her liver, bowel and groin.

Jade, who died aged just 27, rose to fame when she appeared on the third series of Big Brother in 2002, before going on to star on season five of the celebrity spin-off in 2007.

While Jade and Jeff's eldest son, Bobby, has somewhat followed in his late mother's footsteps after signing up for Strictly Come Dancing and appearing in Eastenders, it seems Freddie has kept his distance from the limelight.

However, regardless of his sons' respective successes, Jeff has explained exactly why he increased Bobby's rent.

Bobby revealed Jeff had put his rent up in a 'moral' move, telling OK! on the Strictly red carpet on Sunday (8 October): "He's been cooking us lunch recently, in big portions, but on the other side of that he's just upped my rent, so it's sweet and sour!"

He added: "I think it's a moral thing," and made sure to note the increase was 'not much'.

Jeff Brazier opened up on his choice to up sons Bobby and Freddie's rents.
Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

The father-of-two explained his decision to the outlet, sharing: "Am I actually helping my kids, If I still allow them to live like they're 16 when they're 20?

"But that's a personal decision, and it's for every household and every parent to decide what they think is the right level of reality for their kids to experience."

He went on to call parenthood 'never-ending', adding: "I thought there was a chequered flag at 18, but as a parent of Gen Z youngsters, you're really just getting going.

The TV presenter stressed the importance of staying 'grounded' and keeping 'humble'.

"I don't know when these two are gonna move out, or if they ever will, I'm not in any rush for them to do so, but I guess there's a pressure on me to make sure that I am increasing the reality for them so that they're prepared for when they do."

That includes getting Bobby to 'fold up' the washing to help to 'make dinner'.

"These things just keep him grounded," the TV presenter went on. "I definitely feel like that's a big, big role - I need to make sure Bob has a balance and doesn't necessarily let himself float away.

"Although things are great, and we celebrate that, we also make sure we come back to being humble and and making sure that as a family, we're all there for one another."

Featured Image Credit: Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images / Instagram/@bobbybrazier

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