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Strictly's Bobby Brazier defends dad Jeff for charging him and his brother Freddie rent

Strictly's Bobby Brazier defends dad Jeff for charging him and his brother Freddie rent

The EastEnders star has defended his dad for charging him and his brother rent

Bobby Brazier has spoken out to defend his dad, Jeff Brazier, after the TV personality was criticised for charging his sons rent.

Jeff, 44, is dad to the 20-year-old Strictly Come Dancing contestant and his 19-year-old brother Freddie.

While Bobby stars on EastEnders when he’s not wiggling his hips on the long-running BBC ballroom competition show, Freddie has mostly stayed out of the spotlight.

Jeff charges his sons rent, which Bobby revealed in a red carpet interview last month, explaining that it’s a ‘moral thing’.

The decision caused quite the stir, however the former Dancing on Ice star defended himself.

He told OK!: "Am I actually helping my kids, if I still allow them to live like they're 16 when they're 20?

"But that's a personal decision, and it's for every household and every parent to decide what they think is the right level of reality for their kids to experience."

Jeff, who shares his sons with the late reality TV star Jade Goody, also revealed his thoughts on parenting now that his sons are adults.

Jeff Brazier charges his sons rent.

In the same interview, he said: "It's never ending. I thought there was a chequered flag at 18, but as a parent of Gen Z youngsters, you're really just getting going.

"I don't know when these two are gonna move out, or if they ever will, I'm not in any rush for them to do so, but I guess there's a pressure on me to make sure that I am increasing the reality for them so that they're prepared for when they do."

In an exclusive chat with Tyla during rehearsals with his dance partner, Dianne Buswell, Bobby addressed the rent controversy.

Freddie and Bobby.

“I’ve not seen [how] people reacted and also it’s got nothing to do with anyone else, it’s our house,” the NTA-winner said. “And I’m happy to pay him rent. It’s not much… well I say that, it wasn’t much."

"Now he actually went to the estate agent to find out how much a room would be in the area,” Bobby added, laughing. “But you know he provides us food in the fridge and he’s looked after me for 20 years.”

Bobby is currently competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking of food, it turns out that Jeff is actually quite the chef, even if he was eliminated from Celebrity Masterchef in 2020.

The dad-of-two prepares fancy packed lunches for both Bobby and Dianne and when we say packed lunch, we’re not talking about simple cheese sandwiches either.

Bobby said his dad gets up early in the morning to whip up gourmet goji berry superfood salads, dal and pasta - although the dancing duo weren’t big fans of the latter. Jeff even packs small plates and cutlery, too.

John Torode and Gregg Wallace must be very proud!

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