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Ayda Field reveals ‘disturbing’ way husband Robbie acted on first date

Ayda Field reveals ‘disturbing’ way husband Robbie acted on first date

The pair went on their first date in 2007 after being set up by a mutual friend

Ayda Field has revealed the ‘disturbing’ way husband Robbie acted on their first date, having been warned about him by a mutual friend beforehand.

Ayda, 44, has been married to Robbie, 49, since 2010, having gone on to have four kids together.

Their relationship looks like the picture of perfection on social media, where the pair often give fans a glimpse into their sweet family life.

But Ayda has admitted things haven’t always been plain sailing for the two of them, as detailed in a new Netflix documentary Robbie Williams, which explores the singer’s experiences with addiction and mental health issues.

In a recent interview with The Times, Ayda has opened up about her life with Robbie as a family of six with eight dogs and two cats.

“You just surrender to chaos,” she told the outlet.

“Once it’s four [kids] you’ve lost, there’s no control.

“I’ve embraced the noise, the mess. I feel imbalanced most of the time with all of it, but I’m pretty balanced in that thought.”

The couple have been married for 13 years.

She also spoke about the ‘disturbing’ early days of their relationship, which coincided with Robbie relapsing after spending years battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Describing the evening of their first date in 2007, Ayda said they’d been set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, who had warned her Robbie had ‘fallen slightly off the wagon’.

“I saw what ‘off the wagon’ looks like, which is apparently someone clucking, wearing one shoe,” Ayda said of their rendez-vous, which ended up with them at a party with Robbie high on drugs.

“It was very disturbing.”

But Ayda said she was still smitten, in spite of Robbie’s behaviour.

“I swear to God, something cosmic happened,” she said of that fateful night.

“In this singular moment I totally understood who he was and he totally understood who I was.”

Ayda said Robbie's behaviour on their first date was 'disturbing'.

She said Robbie dumped her three times over the course of their relationship, with a tendency to go silent on her for weeks at a time.

“It would literally be three weeks and I’d say, ‘Can I come by and get my stuff?’” she recalled.

“And he’d be, like, ‘What’s your address? I’ll have security drop it off.’ It was brutal.”

She jokingly added: “Thank God for low self-esteem.”

Thankfully, however, the pair made it through the tough times, and the rest is of course history.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@aydafieldwilliams

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