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Robbie Williams' wife Ayda opens up on tearful phone call that ended their relationship

Robbie Williams' wife Ayda opens up on tearful phone call that ended their relationship

The pair open up about their life in a new Netflix documentary

Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field has opened up about a tearful phone call that ended their relationship, saying her ‘soulmate’ had gone.

The couple have allowed cameras into their lives for a new four-part Netflix series, which lands on the streaming service tomorrow (8 November).

The documentary – aptly titled Robbie Williamspromises ‘30 years of unseen footage’, with Netflix saying the programme will be ‘raw’, ‘honest’ and ‘real’.

It celebrates the 25th anniversary of Robbie's hugely successful solo career, which took off after he found fame as part of pop group Take That in the early 1990s.

The four-part series – which drops on 8 November - also delves into the star’s personal life to explore the ‘real human behind the salacious headlines’.

Robbie Williams with wife Ayda Field.
Dave Benett/WireImage

This includes 49-year-old Robbie’s difficult relationship with addiction, and how it impacted those around him, including wife Ayda, 44.

Remembering the first time she saw her partner taking drugs, Ayda said: "It was my entry into addiction.”

She went on: "You wouldn't notice his personality change but all of a sudden, he would throw up watching TV.”

Robbie admitted how, when his addiction grew harder to control, he thought he’d be better off dead.

"There was a sense of... It would be better if I passed away, I didn't care and it would be alright," he said candidly.

"For me to change I'd need to be dying, die or stop what you're doing."

Ayda recalled how Robbie called her in the early hours one morning to tell her that his team was sending him to rehab, a bombshell that happened shortly before his 33rd birthday.

The documentary features '30 years of unseen footage'.

She said: "I remember it was 2am and I called him and I was like, 'I am just getting on the highway' and he's like, 'Are you driving? Call me when you get home.'

"And he is like, 'I can't be in a relationship, I have to get better and I can't be with you. I have to break up with you."

Ayda said she felt ‘so crestfallen’, as he was her ‘soulmate and then he was gone’, adding: "And it was like, I understood it because I saw that he was unwell and I remember thinking, 'I just want you to get better'."

The pair later got back together and have three children together.

Watch Robbie Williams on Netflix from 8 November.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@aydafieldwilliams/Dave Benett/WireImage

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