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This Is How Long You'll Spend Watching 'Love Island' This Year

This Is How Long You'll Spend Watching 'Love Island' This Year

It is really quite shocking...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Love Island's's first ever winter version finally kicked off this year, but fans' reaction to the latest series has been decidedly lukewarm.

To be fair, the show is one hell of a commitment. Yes it's addictive, but each time you decide to be sociable of an evening, you then have to catch up on all the missed drama, which seems a lot of work - 93 hours of work, in fact.

When you add up up all the hours you'd need to commit this year to ensure you've covered every episode, the results are pretty shocking.

Winter Love Island is set to be six weeks long, with six nights a week of material to binge on (that's not including spinoff shows Love Island:Unseen Bits or After Sun).

In total, when you consider each episode usually runs from 9pm - 10.05pm, that's 1 hour 5 minutes per episode including ad breaks.

The amount of hours spent watching 'Love Island' is really quite shocking (

Add in the extra time it takes to watch the opening and finale episodes - which are usually 1hr 35 minutes long - and that amounts to a whopping 2,400 minutes (equivalent to 40 hours) of telly time.

Throw the summer edition into the mix (ITV2 is already advertising for potential contestants) and this number more than doubles.

Last year's summer Love Island, which kicked off last June, ended up being eight weeks in total, which amounts to 3,180 minutes, or 53 hours of your precious time.

So provided this summer's show is also eight weeks long, you will spend a grand total of 93 hours this year watching the programme.

Two stints of Love Island a year is a huge commitment (

Just let that sink in for a minute. That is a huge chunk of time - especially if you tune in every year.

And whilst what you do with your time is nobody else's business (hey, we're not judging - we watch it religiously too) we wanted to remind everyone, but mostly ourselves, what we could've been doing instead.

If you're the sporty type, you might be surprised to learn that you could've bashed out 19.5 marathons in that time.

In the UK, the average marathon takes 4:37:09 - so you could've run up and down London's 26.2 mile course repeatedly - although we imagine once is more than enough tbh.

If you watch summer and winter Love Island this year, you will spend 93 hours of your life doing so (

Not really the sporty type? Us neither, but we do love to get stuck into a good book.

So we researched how long it takes the average person to read the Harry Potter series. details the average read time for each book and after adding them together, we found that it would take 4,488 minutes, equivalent to 74 hours, 47 minutes and 59 seconds to read the entire series.

You could read the whole lot and have time to spare in the time it takes to binge Love Island this year.

In the time spent watching Love Island, you could have run 19.5 marathons (if you run at average speed) (

Or how about something practical, like learning to drive? The average time it takes to pass your test successfully is 45 hours. You could literally learn to drive and pass your test twice in the time it takes to watch both seasons of Love Island.

But if you want to do something more fun and not as anxiety-inducing as learning to drive, how about a trip from the East to West Coast of America and back again? According to Forbes, it takes around 45 hours to take the trip one way, so you could do that twice too. Road trip? Hell yes.

When we put it like that, we're feeling slightly less keen to invest time in both series, although, let's be honest, we probably still will. Call us addicts - we're OK with it.

You could learn to drive and pass your test successfully twice this year in the time it takes to watch both series of Love Island (

There's no denying fans are struggling to commit to six nights of the reality TV show per week, especially when the last one only ended just six months ago; and frustrated Twitter users have started to make murmurings about it.

One wrote: "Ngl I cba to commit to Love Island this time round y'know. I think imma give it a miss. I'll watch the summer one."

Another added: "really can't commit to a winter Love Island man I've got s**t to do".

The ratings seem to reflect this sentiment, with the BBC reporting that 800,000 fewer people tuned in to watch the show's launch in 2020 than 2019.

ITV2, we do have lives y'know.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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