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Everything We Know About Firefly Lane Season 2

Everything We Know About Firefly Lane Season 2

Here's what we know so far about when the show will air and who will be back.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

It may have only just been renewed for its second season, but already the rumours are flowing about what could happen in season two of Netflix's hit drama, Firefly Lane.

The first season of the popular show dropped on the streaming service back in February, and starred Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) as best friends Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart, who grow up together in Seventies, Eighties, Nineties and Noughties America.

In the first series, we followed 14-year-olds Kate and Tully (played by Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye) as they meet and become best friends when Tully and her mum move in across the street from Kate and her family.

Kate and Tully, played by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke (

We also follow the adult Kate and Tully navigating life as young journalists in the Eighties and the older versions of the women, by now a mother and talkshow host respectively, in the early Noughties.

So what can we expect for the second series? Here's everything we know about Firefly Lane season two so far...

Firefly Lane season 2 release date and trailer

Since the new series has only just been announced, we don't yet have any information on when exactly this will air on Netflix. As such, there's no trailer either yet.

However, it's likely that the new episodes will air sometime in 2022.

In a press release, Netflix confirmed that: "Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke will reprise their roles as lifelong best friends facing the ultimate test of their friendship and the path to sustain the other relationships in their lives."

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke revealed that a second series was coming in a Youtube video (Youtube/Netflix)
Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke revealed that a second series was coming in a Youtube video (Youtube/Netflix)

Following on from the press release, actress Sarah Chalke, who plays Kate Mularkey, revealed: "We don't have all the answers yet, but, trust us, it is going to be worth the wait. And, we promise, all of your questions will be answered."

Firefly Lane season 2 cast

As well as Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, who will be reprising their roles as the two best friends, younger Kate and Tully actresses Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye will also be back.

It's likely, too, that Kate's daughter Marah, played by Yael Yurman, will return, as will Beau Garrett, who plays Tully's mother, Cloud.

But, after a shocking season finale, it's unclear whether Johnny, played by Ben Lawson, will be back, though we can certainly hope.

Firefly Lane season 2 plot

After THAT cliffhanger - where we saw a bomb go off in Iraq, and Johnny caught in the middle of it - we're left with so many questions about what might happen next.

Will Johnny survive? Will he and Kate get back together? Will Tully get her own talkshow? And just what exactly happened between Kate and Tully, to make them fall out so badly just a few years later?

It's likely that season two will pick up exactly where season one ended.

Ben Lawson recently told ET what he thought would happen to Johnny in the next season: "All things going well, I think we're going to see more of him and not just in flashback.

"There's a lot unresolved between Kate and Johnny as well, so we gotta get him home safe."

However, there is one thing we do know. Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke are adamant that Kate and Tully's fall-out was nothing to do with Johnny (phew!).

"We can say that it's family related and has nothing to do with Johnny," Sarah revealed during the video announcement.

"Nothing," Katherine Heigl added.

We're glad to hear it!

Season two of Firefly Lane will air on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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