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Tommy Fury says it’s ‘nice’ that Molly-Mae poos while he is in the bath

Tommy Fury says it’s ‘nice’ that Molly-Mae poos while he is in the bath

The couple get candid about how close they really are behind closed doors

How close is too close for comfort? According to Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague, the limit doesn't exist as the new dad revealed that his girlfriend likes to do her business while he's having a bath - and he thinks it's 'nice'.

While their six-bedroom home might be pretty spacious, it seems like the couple just can't get enough of each other - or use another bathroom.

In May 2022, the former Love Island stars were filming a couple's Q&A in their car when the conversation turned to bathroom habits.

Molly Mae said she 'didn't understand' how some couples, even those who have been together for a while, are still not comfortable with performing bodily functions in front of each other.

And Fury agreed, saying: "You have a poo while I'm having a bath," to which Molly-Mae nods, adding: "Yeh, yeh."

Fury continues: "Some people may find that weird but I just find it comfortable. It's nice."

The clip was then posted to a self-professed 'Tommy and Molly fan page' on TikTok, with the caption reading: "Is this weird or cute?"

And this has really sparked a conversation in the comments.

Molly-Mae admitted to using the bathroom while her boyfriend was in the bath.

One TikToker said: "Lived with my bf for 3 years. I cant go to the bathroom for no2 when he’s home. The thought of him being in the same room could make me faint."

While another completely disagreed, asking: "Doesn’t everyone do this with their partner?"

And a third met them sort of halfway, saying: "OMG I wouldn't mind a wee but not the other."

While others were simply confused, with one user adding: "I thought she meant in the bath with him".

The new parents recently welcomed their first child Bambi in January, and seemingly love an overshare.

Molly-Mae has open about her journey as a mother and even went some serious detail about the birth.

Molly Mae couldn't understand couples who weren't comfortable with going to the bathroom in front of each other.
Molly Mae/YouTube

The influencer compared the sensation of giving birth to her daughter ‘feeling like I was doing a poo’.

While the doctors assured her that pooing during labour is completely normally and the majority of mothers do it, Molly was shocked that she could smell it.

“I was pushing. She was coming out of me, I could feel it, it was incredible,” she explained.

While she explained that she wasn’t in pain during the birth because of the epidural, she added: “It did actually feel like I was doing a poo. And by the way, did I poo in birth? Yes, I did, I think.

The Love Island star compared sensation of giving birth to her daughter to 'doing a poo'.
Molly Mae/YouTube

“The doctors were like: 'Oh no you haven’t, don’t worry about it.’ But I’m 99.9 percent sure I could smell it.

“That’s one thing as well I was quite nervous about when I was pushing because I know if I push the way I’m gonna push this baby out, I’m gonna poo.”

The new mum also revealed that she filmed the entire birth but has decided not to release the footage

“I was like: ‘I know, but this is a very vulnerable position for me. My legs are in stirrups, there’s medical professionals all around me, my boyfriend is stood here. Like, I don’t wanna poo myself.’

“I have zero dignity, but even in that moment I still cared, I don’t know why."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @mollymae

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