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Molly-Mae supports influencer after people troll her baby's unusual name

Molly-Mae supports influencer after people troll her baby's unusual name

Influencer Liana Jade is devastated over the reaction to her baby's name

Influencer Liana Jade has found support in Molly-Mae Hague after being trolled online for the unusual name she chose for her baby.

Liana took to TikTok in floods of tears this week, after seeing hurtful comments about her baby boy Koazy.

In her video, Liana pointed to influencers Matt and Abby Howard, who had been complaining about unique baby names on an episode of The Unplanned Podcast.

"They were saying how ridiculous some of these new unique names were," Liana said through sobs.

"Basically, our baby is called Koazy. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but people have kind of pulled it out of context and said that we called him Koazy because he was cozy in the womb."

Liana clarified: "It was a name we already had and as I was getting so heavily pregnant, people were saying, 'Oh he was cozy in your belly' and it kind of confirmed to us that that's what we should name him.

Liana took to TikTok in floods of tears after seeing hurtful comments about her baby boy's name.

"Because we already had that name and people were saying it and it was almost like, 'Oh my God, it's meant to be' kind of thing. I wasn't trying to name him anything for a flex."

Liana said that, when she saw Matt and Abby talking about unusual baby names in a TikTok video, she opened the comment section to find people 'ripping at' the name Koazy.

"It's really upset me. I knew everyone wasn't going to love the name so I'm not gonna sit here defending it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it's just different when there's this comments section open on such a big influencer's video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby's name," she added.

The Unplanned Podcast has since turned off comments on the TikTok video showing their discussion of different baby names.

Liana's video, which has racked up 6.2 million views, has been flooded with supportive messages from fans and famous faces.

Reality star Holly Hagan wrote: "I think it’s a gorgeous name! People have too much time on their hands honestly."

And Molly-Mae, who has been going through a similar situation since welcoming her baby girl Bambi, commented: "All that matters is that you and your partner love the name."

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury welcomed their baby girl Bambi earlier this year and the reaction to the Disney-esque name has been pretty strong.

Molly-Mae has also received hate for the name she chose for her baby.

Kerry Katona was one of the many who felt the need to let Molly-Mae know that Bambi was a poor name choice.

"I think Bambi Fury sounds a bit ridiculous," she wrote in her OK! Magazine column.

"It reminds me of the Disney film where the mother gets shot! The poor kid might get some stick in school.

"If they haven’t registered the name yet, maybe they should consider changing it."

Molly-Mae did not respond to Kerry's comments, and just days later, the former Atomic Kitten singer issued a public apology to the Love Island star.

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