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Molly-Mae says she could smell her own poo while giving birth

Molly-Mae says she could smell her own poo while giving birth

The doting mum said the doctors reassured her that most women poo during labour

Molly-Mae Hague has candidly shared all the details about welcoming her daughter into the world, including the fact she pooed during birth.

The Love Island runner-up and her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, announced the birth of their first child Bambi last month.

The 23-year-old parents have shared updates since becoming parents for the first time in January, including a lengthy vlog shared on Molly-Mae’s YouTube channel on Wednesday about the birth.

The influencer and PrettyLittleThing creative director compared the sensation of ‘Bambi coming out of her’ to ‘feeling like I was doing a poo’.

But the doctors assured her that pooing during labour is normally and the majority of mothers do it.

However, Molly was shocked that she could smell it.

“I was pushing. She was coming out of me, I could feel it, it was incredible,” the influencer gushed.

Molly-Mae and Tommy with their newborn daughter Bambi.

“It did actually feel like I was doing a poo. And by the way, did I poo in birth? Yes, I did, I think.”

The doting mum added: “The doctors were like, ‘oh no you haven’t, don’t worry about it’ but I’m 99.9 percent sure I could smell it.

“That’s one thing as well I was quite nervous about when I was pushing because I know if I push the way I’m gonna push this baby out, I’m gonna poo.”

She went on: “And they were like, ‘don’t worry about it, 90 percent of women poo when they give birth’.

The YouTuber who also revealed she filmed the entire birth but doesn’t plan to release the footage, added: “I was like ‘I know, but this is a very vulnerable position for me. My legs are in stirrups, there’s medical professionals all around me, my boyfriend is stood here. Like, I don’t wanna poo myself.’

“I have zero dignity, but even in that moment I still cared, I don’t know why,” she reflected.

Elsewhere in the vlog, Molly introduced Bambi to the world and discussed her mum’s experiences with postnatal depression.

Molly-Mae discussed her birth experience, including her suspicion that she did a poo, in a new vlog.

She said she didn't want to put too much pressure on herself during her pregnancy as she was cautious about putting too much pressure on herself to immediately feel ‘besotted and infatuated’ with her baby due to the fact her mum had struggled postnatally.

"When I was pregnant, I didn't put pressure on myself to, the minute she was born, to feel this undying, crazy, magical love that everyone talks about because sometimes that doesn't come straight away," she shared.

"So I didn't put pressure on myself. And also, something I've never really spoken about before is that my mum actually suffered really horrendously with post-natal depression with both my sister and I.

"It was something I was always very cautious about and I didn't want to put this huge pressure on myself to give birth to Bambi and be literally besotted and infatuated."

For more information about postnatal depression and help and support, please visit Mind's website here.

Featured Image Credit: mollymae/Instagram

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