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Molly-Mae says she tried to breastfeed herself

Molly-Mae says she tried to breastfeed herself

The influencer is pregnant with her partner Tommy Fury's baby

Molly-Mae has admitted that she's tried breastfeeding herself.

The influencer is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Tommy Fury any day now, having passed the nine-month mark, and clearly she's now trying to get some motherly practice in. Watch here:

The former Love Island contestant, who recently said couldn't have asked her body 'to provide a better home' for the first part of her unborn child's life, has shown her fans how she's all packed for hospital.

In a video posted on YouTube, she went through everything she was packing for the big day, which included loads of nipple pads - and at this point she couldn't help but share something 'too X-rated for the internet'.

The 23-year-old said: "I have leaked not a single droplet of milk, and if you want to hear something, I'm going to tell you something really, really ridiculous and horrendously weird and disgusting.

"I actually, I don't know if this is too X-rated for the internet, and a bit weird."

She spilt the beans, but no milk.

After some more hesitation, Molly-Mae continued: "OK, screw it, I'm gonna say it - I tried to put my own nipple in my mouth.

"My boobs are that big now that it is actually possible. I actually tried to breastfeed off myself the other day."

She then decided she would be keeping the admission in the final edit of her video and explained that she'd tried to breastfeed herself in a bid to test that she could produce milk.

She went on: "I was like saying to Tommy, 'I'm concerned, some of my friends have been leaking milk from like 20 weeks or at least have like little drops of like colostrum, or there's just something coming out, or there's like a little bit of movement there, but my boobs are dry.'

"Like, there is nothing. There's no signs of anything.

"So I thought, let me just give it a little test. I gave it a little, you know, and nothing happened. Nothing happened.

"So, I've got enough nipple pads there to literally probably provide for the whole hospital. Which is fine, I'll just dish them out."

She said her attempt to breastfeed herself was unsuccessful.

Earlier this month, the PrettyLittleThing creative director shared that she never feels lonely during her 'special' pregnancy in an intimate vlog.

In the 30-minute video, the mum-to-be explained that she was having a really easy time of things, and that she feels as though she was always ready to be a mum.

In an emotional moment, Molly-Mae said: "When you're pregnant... this is going to sound so cringey. When you're pregnant, you're never lonely.

"Like, literally, you never feel alone. Why am I getting choked up saying that? What the hell?"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Molly-Mae

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