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Rebekah Vardy Says She's 'Deeply Ashamed' Of The Comments She Made About Peter Andre

Rebekah Vardy Says She's 'Deeply Ashamed' Of The Comments She Made About Peter Andre

Rebekah has addressed the comments she had previously made about Peter Andre.

Rebekah Vardy has said she is 'deeply ashamed' of the hurtful way she spoke about Peter Andre in an early interview.

Speaking out in her first TV interview since losing her libel trial against Coleen Rooney, Rebekah addressed the controversial comments she had made about Peter Andre in the past.

During the high profile court case, Rebekah was questioned about an interview she had given to defunct newspaper News of the World, in which she discussed a sexual encounter she had had with the 'Mysterious Girl' singer.

In the original interview, she had described Peter Andre as having a penis like a 'miniature chipolata'.

She had said in the interview: "I thought he was going to be a fantastic lover. Then he took his trousers off!"

Speaking at London's High Court during the libel trial, Rebekah said that she 'deeply regrets' making the comment, and claimed she had since apologised to Andre.

Rebekah addressed the offensive comments she had made about Peter Andre once again in her recent TV interview with TalkTV's Kate McCann.

In the interview, which aired on Wednesday (3 August), Rebekah claimed: "I didn’t leak that, that was a story that I put my name to and it was something that I deeply regret and I’m deeply ashamed of but it was so long ago, life for me was so different then.

"I tried to explain the situation in which that came up and I just think that was wrong for him to be brought into that situation. That had nothing to do with what I was being accused of."

Rebekah claimed she had since apologised to Peter Andre for the comment.
Peter Andre/Instagram

When the unearthed comments resurfaced for the Vardy vs Rooney libel trial, Peter Andre took the opportunity to say his own piece about the controversy.

In a post to Instagram, he told his fans: "Do you know how hard it is to keep biting my lip on situations?

"But the way I look at it, most people saw in the jungle how an acorn turned into an oak so I think I’m OK."

He added: "At least she has now admitted it wasn’t true. And was forced to say it.”

Elsewhere in her TV interview, Rebekah discussed her disappointment in the outcome of her libel trial, and repeatedly claimed that she was innocent.

She noted that her legal team had never advised her to drop the case 'because they know I didn't do it and that is the exact reason that I carried on for as long as I did and I will say that 'til I'm blue in the face, I did not do it'.

Rebekah had sued Coleen for libel as a result of Coleen's infamous 2019 social media post that accused Rebekah of leaking 'false stories' about her private life to the press.

Rebekah lost her high court case against Coleen Rooney.
MI News & Sport/Alamy Stock Photo

The wife of footballer Wayne Rooney claimed that she had carried out a months-long 'sting operation' to get to the bottom of who was leaking stories to The Sun newspaper and concluded that Vardy was behind it.

On Friday, 29 July, Mrs Justice Steyn dismissed Vardy's libel case and ruled that the claim made by Coleen was 'substantially true'.

In her ruling, Mrs Justice Steyn said it was 'likely' that Mrs Vardy’s agent at the time, Caroline Watt, 'undertook the direct act' of passing the information to The Sun.

Rebekah has not confirmed whether she plans to appeal the verdict, but noted that her lawyers are scouring through the ruling.

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV/London Entertainment/Alamy

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