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Prince Harry Pays Adorable Tribute To Lilibet With Slogan Tee

Prince Harry Pays Adorable Tribute To Lilibet With Slogan Tee

This is honestly too cute.

Prince Harry just paid the sweetest tribute to his daughter Lilibet after making his acting debut in a video skit and fans are obsessed.

The Duke of Sussex was promoting a new campaign for his eco-travel non-profit group Travalyst, with the help of New Zealand actors Rhys Darby and Dave Fane.

Check it out here:

In the skit, Prince Harry is out for a jog while in New Zealand when he is ambushed by a 'rating agent' played by Rhys Darby.

Harry received a positive rating from New Zealand for brushing his teeth with the tap off, but was docked points for littering on the beach when he visited with the Duchess of Sussex back in 2018.

He finally gets his overall rating up from three stars out of five to three and a half stars when it's revealed he only used a single towel and bought locally made produce.

When stopped by the 'rating agents', Harry is wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, a cap, wireless headphones, and a t-shirt that reads 'Girl Dad' on the front.

After getting over the initial shock of watching the prince try his hand at acting, fans took to Twitter to discuss his t-shirt - a precious reference to his 11-month-old daughter Lilibet.


"Prince Harry showing off his acting skills!" tweeted one viewer.

"Enjoyed this so much," wrote a second.

"The one and only Prince Harry; he's got everything! I just love him," a third raved.

"OMGGG Rhys Darby and Prince Harry doing a skit together my day is made," commented a fourth.

Noticing his attire, one fan raved: "Oh my lord Harry. also peep the girl dad shirt."

Along with a series of happy-crying emojis, another tweeted: "The Girl Dad T-Shirt".

Sharing a photo of Harry in-costume, a third wrote: "Good morning and happy Monday. This picture of Prince Harry in a girl dad t-shirt is on the list of things that I didn’t know I needed to see. Just wholesome."

"Girl Dad and proud of it is our Harry," a fourth praised.


Discussing the new Travalyst campaign, Harry told New Zealand's Te Ao Maori News: "For our campaign, we are encouraging people to flip the script. We are always being asked for our feedback on our trips and experiences, but what would happen if our holiday rated us?

"It's an important question to ask, and we want all of you to help us answer it."

The group's website now offers a survey, allowing users to 'find out how your holiday would rate you' rather than vice versa.

We think he should get extra points for the t-shirt alone!

Featured Image Credit: Travalyst

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