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Nick Cannon is expecting his 12th child

Nick Cannon is expecting his 12th child

Well here we are again, Nick Cannon is having his 12th child, see you again for the next one?

Nick Cannon's already massive family is going to get even bigger as Alyssa Scott announced that she was pregnant with the couple's second child.

It'll be Cannon's 12th child, though his 11th hasn't even been born yet, and the second he's had with Scott.

His 10th child was only born last month, with Rise Messiah Cannon coming just weeks after the birth of ninth child Onyx Ice Cole Cannon.

If your head is spinning trying to comprehend how just a few months ago his ninth child was born and now Cannon's 12th has been announced then join the club.

Nick Cannon's first children were twins with Mariah Carey, now he's set to welcome his 12th into the world.
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In addition to having loads of kids, he also has no trouble telling them apart because he's given them all really distinctive names.

First off, there are twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon, who he had with now ex-wife Mariah Carey, while he's had three children with model Brittany Bell, those being third child Golden Cannon, Powerful Queen Cannon and 10th child Rise Messia.

With Abby De La Rosa he had twins Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon, while his next child Zen S. Cannon sadly died of brain cancer at five months old, he was Cannon's first child with Alyssa Scott.

He then had son Legendary Love Cannon with Bre Tiesi and daughter Onyx Ice Cole Cannon with LaNisha Cole.

As you might have guessed, Cannon is in a polyamorous relationship with several women at the same time.

Nick Cannon's 12th child is on the way, but his 11th hasn't even been born yet.
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Cannon once said he 'wouldn't be mad' if he ended up with 10 or 12 kids and frankly if he keeps having them at this rate he's going to end up with several dozen.

The actor, comedian and rapper has said he loves the energy he gets from his children and was keen to stress that he was 'having these kids on purpose' and that his huge family 'ain't no accident'.

He said: "The beauty of fatherhood, man, when you really talk about the essence of living as a father, I’ve learnt so much just from my children. And it’s so amazing.

"And I really just love being around my kids and just that youthful energy. It feels like you get to relive every time."

"I’ve been through so much in my life - physically, mentally and spiritually - the best place that I find is the time that I spend with my kids and their energy. And to get as much of that as possible, to pass on all that I’ve lived into something else, that’s why I do it."

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