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Lindsay Lohan is the same age as Kevin’s mum in Home Alone and people can’t get over it

Lindsay Lohan is the same age as Kevin’s mum in Home Alone and people can’t get over it

People are reeling after finding out the character's age

A TikTok user has revealed the ages of famous characters alongside celebrities the same age and people are reeling over Kevin’s mum from Home Alone being the same age as Lindsay Lohan.

As fans of the festive favourite might remember, poor Kate McCallister (played by the incredible Catherine O’Hara) had such a stressful time while sorting out her family’s Christmas break after leaving behind little Kevin - but she’s probably a lot younger than you thought. Check it out:

In the clip, which has since been viewed more than 2.5 million times, TikToker @​​justbri_always explained: “So, when you’re younger you don’t really think of ages the way they really are. Here’s some ages of TV characters and movie characters that will really shock you.

“So Catherine O’Hara was only 36 when she played Kevin’s mum. You probably thought she was older, because 36 sounded older back then. That would be like if Lindsay Lohan were to play her now.”

Is anyone else shaken to their core? Because I am - I always thought Kevin’s mum was a lot older.

And, it turns out I’m not alone, after the clip was shared, fans flocked to the comments to share their own disbelief.

Kate realising she’s only the same age as Lindsay Lohan is now.
20th Century Studios

One wrote: “Lindsay Lohan playing Kevin’s mom has me shook."

Another said: “Yup, because back then, 30 year olds dressed the exact same as 50+ year olds. I’m glad we live in these times”

While a third added: “Sorry but my theory is millennials don’t age the same as gen x or boomers.”

Someone else joked: “36 WAS older back then.”

An incredulous fourth person asked: “No way I'm older than Katherine O’Hara when she was in that movie?”

However, others disagreed and pointed out that Kate was about the right age to play the mum of an eight-year-old Kevin.

Lindsay recently starred in a Christmas flick of her own.

“If Lindsay played that role now, I don’t think it would be weird lol. 36 and having a kid that age isn’t that far off,” a commenter wrote.

Another added: “I don't know but the Home Alone mom fits 36.”

Elsewhere in the clip, @​​justbri_always points out that when the show started the Golden Girls were the same age as the female stars from Friends. All I can say is that the hair, makeup and wardrobe department did those Golden Girls so dirty - and that, also, I’m so here for a Golden Girls reboot starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century / Netflix

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