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Family of Kim Kardashian lookalike who died after plastic surgery launch fundraiser for funeral

Family of Kim Kardashian lookalike who died after plastic surgery launch fundraiser for funeral

The OnlyFans model 'suddenly' died after the procedure

The family of a Kim Kardashian lookalike has launched a fundraiser to cover the costs of her funeral after she died following a plastic surgery procedure.

Christina Ashten Gourkani - known as Ashten - died suddenly on Thursday, April 20.

Following her death at a California hospital, the 34-year-old’s grieving family said they had ‘heavy, broken hearts’ and that losing Ms Gourkani was like a ‘living nightmare’.

Christina Ashten Gourkani suffered a cardiac arrest following a plastic surgery proceeder.
Ashten Gourkani/@ashtens_empire

"It is with deep sorrow and an immensely heavy broken heart that we have to share the most shattering, unfortunate and unexpected passing of our beautiful beloved daughter and sister Christina Ashten Gourkani,” they wrote.

The statement continues to describe the moment that the family received the ‘tragic phone call’ from a family member who was with the OnlyFans model at the hospital.

The family spokesperson recounted how the unnamed family member was: “Frantically screaming and crying hysterically on the other end of the line… ‘Ashten is dying...Ashten is dying’.

“After arriving at the hospital shortly after the phone call our family continued living a nightmare as we were informed that her health and wellbeing had continued to decline in a downward spiral for the worst after suffering from a cardiac arrest."

Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function, resulting from a problem with the heart's electrical system.

This disrupts the heart’s pumping action and stops blood from flowing throughout the body.

Ms Gourkani's family are now investigating the cause of death.
Ashten Gourkani/@ashtens_empire

The American Heart Association say that 356,000 cardiac arrests take place outside of a hospital every year in the United States.

Following Ms Gourkani’s death, her family has started up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral next week.

As of Thursday morning, the medical tribute has raised $4,702 (£3,774) with 63 donors making kind contributions to the funeral fund.

Tributes to Ms Gourkani have also been paid across social media, with fellow OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene revealing how ‘scary’ the idea of dying from plastic surgery is.

The GoFundMe has already raised over $4,000.
The GoFundMe has already raised over $4,000.

On her Instagram Stories she wrote: “I don’t know her I would just always randomly see her on Instagram and I think she was really pretty but that is so sad she just died from plastic surgery.

“It is so scary because you really just never know if you’re gonna die from it omg. That’s why I always tell my family to pull the plug if something happens because I don’t want brain damage.

“Not me being dramatic but it’s just stuff like this, you can die or get brain damage and be a vegetable like you just never know. Anyways rest in peace to her that is so sad.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ashtens_empire

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