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Little girl left in tears because she doesn’t have wrinkles like her mum

Little girl left in tears because she doesn’t have wrinkles like her mum

This is equally adorable and hilarious!

A little girl was left in floods of tears because she doesn't have any forehead wrinkles like her mum and dad.

Little Alice hysterically tells her mum Victoria Cross, from Oxfordshire, that the reason why she's so upset is because she doesn't have 'any lines' like mummy and daddy.

She then points out her mum's wrinkles, who can be seen giggling at the end of the clip.

You can watch the video below:

In the video, three-year-old Alice can be seen visibly upset, breaking down in her mum's arms.

"Why are you sad?" Victoria asks, to which Alice explains: "Because I haven't got lines."

"You're sad because you don't have lines? Who's got lines?" says Victoria.

"You have and daddy."

Victoria then asks Alice where her lines are and she points towards her mum's forehead.

The mum can then be seen cuddling and consoling her daughter who is so upset by her lack of wrinkles.

Little Alice was in floods of tears.
Caters News

Victoria uploaded the video on TikTok, explaining in the caption: "20mins crying because she doesn’t have lines in her forehead like Mummy and Daddy!!"

And other TikTok users thought it was hilarious, with the video getting thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes.

One person wrote: "I am willing to donate mine to this worthy cause."

While another said: "Hahaha my kid wants hair on their underarms one day kid, one day!"

And a third added: "Mine once cried because my veins in my hands are very blue and visible and she couldn’t see hers so she was terrified she had no veins."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "It’s so funny to us as adults but to her very real and upsetting. Hats off to you for comforting her seriously and laughing only when she couldn’t see."

The mum could be seen giggling at the end of the video.
Caters News

And a fifth said: "Have patience little one, the lines will come."

And another added: "When she’s older she’ll be crying about the lines all over again."

One person joked: "First person to ever cry over not having wrinkles."

Others could relate, with one person explaining they had also wanted forehead wrinkles when they were younger, and now their wish had come true.

"I wanted forehead wrinkles so bad when I was younger and now I have them rlly bad," the TikTok user said.

Another shared a similar anecdote, adding: "My friend used to want cellulite because she thought it was 'muscles' lol."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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