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Khloe Supporters Insist Fans Should Be Happy For Her Amid Baby News

Khloe Supporters Insist Fans Should Be Happy For Her Amid Baby News

Khloe Kardashian is expecting a second child with Tristan Thompson.

Supporters of Khloe Kardashian have argued that fans should be happy for her, following the news that the reality star is expecting her second child with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson via a surrogate.

News broke today (14 July) that Khloe is due to welcome her second child any day now, with a representative confirming that the child was conceived back in November 2021.

The update came as a surprise to most fans, who believed that Khloe and Tristan had called it quits on their relationship following the NBA player's latest cheating scandal.

Khloe and Tristan are expecting another child together. (

Since they first started dating back in 2016, Tristan, 31, and Khloe, 38, have been on-again-off-again, as a result of Tristan's repeated infidelities, including on instance where a leaked video caught Tristan kissing a woman at a rooftop bar, just days prior to Khloe’s due date with their daughter True.

The couple appeared to be on the mend before it was revealed that Tristan had fathered a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols in December 2021. Maralee had claimed that she hooked up with Tristan during his birthday celebration in March of that year.

While Tristan tried to deny paternity at first, he later admitted that he was the father of the child, who was born on 1 December.

As fans will have seen on the season finale family's Hulu series The Kardashians, Khloe was devastated by the news, and decided to end things with Thompson.

Tristan and Khloe are already parents to four-year-old True. (

However, new reports that Khloe and Tristan are expecting a second child together have left fans scratching their heads, to say the least.

But supporters of the Kardashian sister are urging others to hold back off their criticism and, instead, be happy for the TV personality, who has made it known in the past that she hoped to have another baby in her family.

"I don’t understand why people are so vile on social media", one disappointed fan tweeted.

"It saddens me to see that people will never give women understanding and respect. Regardless of what is true, Khloé deserves to be happy. We never fully know what happens behind closed doors. Don’t judge."

After hearing Khloe's baby news, another supporter wrote: "I’m only happy for KHLOE cause she wanted True to have another sibling."

"I'm really very happy for Khloe" added a third. "Like I really am. She wanted this family."

"I’m just so happy Khloe’s having a second child!!!" penned a fourth.

During the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which aired in 2021, Khloe had hinted at trying for another baby to give her daughter True a sibling to play with.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson had spoken about wanting more children together. (
Khloe Kardashian-Instagram)

Speaking in her confessional, she revealed: "In my head when I was having kids, I never imagined having an only child and especially in quarantine with her, I felt bad. Like she had no friends, like she had nobody. And it was 'cause they were isolated even from each other for so long.

"I don't know, True is getting older and now I feel it's time to have another kid."

Tristan, who was sitting beside Khloe at the time, was more than enthusiastic about the idea of having more children with her.

He told cameras: "I've always wanted four kids so I have Prince and True. "Two down, two more to go."

Tristan shares his son Prince with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig. The couple welcomed their child in December 2016, when they had already gone their separate ways, and Tristan had started his relationship with Khloe.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@khloekardashian

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