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Kerry Katona calls marriage to Brian McFadden 'fake and phoney'

Kerry Katona calls marriage to Brian McFadden 'fake and phoney'

Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona has been discussing her marriage to Westlife star Brian McFadden.

Kerry Katona has revealed exactly what went wrong with her marriage to Brian McFadden, describing it as 'fake and phoney'.

Some 20 years ago, the couple were everywhere in the media and public eye thanks to their already celebrity status.

As we have seen with Matt Healy and Taylor Swift recently, two music stars dating brings a lot of chatter.

The Atomic Kitten singer and Westlife star started dating in the 1998 and tied the knot in 2002.

But their music romance was very much short lived, as they divorced just two years later.

The pair did have two children together in that time though, two daughters, Molly Marie and Lilly-Sue.

But Katona claims her grown up daughters will often phone her fiancé Ryan Mahoney before they will phone their dad.

Reflecting on her marriage with the McFadden, Katona told The Mirror: "Obviously first marriage I thought it would last forever, I just went along with it.

"It was just fake, it wasn't real, it wasn't meant to be - it wasn't what I wanted, it was all fake and phoney."

The music pair were married between 2002 and 2004.
David Tonge/Getty Images

The Atomic Kitten star went on to say she was 'desperate to be loved' growing up, but admits now she perhaps went about that the wrong way.

Speaking of her relationship with McFadden now, Katona said: "Not seen him [since Molly's 21st birthday] because the girls are grown up now, we've got no reason to talk.

"Not that we really talked, we never really had that kind of close relationship, they'll ring Ryan before they ring Brian. If they need money, they ring Ryan.

"That's just how it is, he's got his own little family now, Ryan pays for Molly's car insurance. Molly and Ryan have such a great relationship, it's funny when they're together."

In the interview with the The Mirror, Katona hinted that she could have more children with Ryan, despite the fact the step dad has a good relationship with her two daughters.

Kerry Katona hasn't ruled out having more children in the future.
Mark R. Milan/GC Images

But for now, the Atomic Kitten star is just happy with her marriage.

"For so long, I had daddy issues, men issues, I was trying to create this dream that I had as a kid but with the wrong person, until I found the right person," she said.

"As far as I'm concerned, Ryan has been an amazing dad, I couldn't ask for more, it's been tough but I forget how lucky I am, it's so important to remind yourself that I've got through it."

McFadden is engaged to PE teacher, Danielle Parkinson, with the couple welcoming a baby in 2021 through IVF.

Featured Image Credit: David Tonge/Getty Images / Mark R. Milan/GC Images

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