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Kerry Katona begs daughter Molly to have a child so she can be young grandmother

Kerry Katona begs daughter Molly to have a child so she can be young grandmother

Kerry Katona wishes for her daughter Molly to start a family

After a recent health scare, Kerry Katona announced that becoming a grandmother would perhaps make the Atomic Kitten star ‘whole again.’

Katona’s daughter, Molly, is currently studying acting at The Lir Academy in Dublin and isn’t due to graduate till 2025.

Speaking to OK!, Kerry revealed her longing to watch her daughter have a baby and how she hopes previous pregnancies in the family will carry on with Molly.

Kerry Katona.

She explained: “I’m 43 this year and I want grandbabies. I can’t believe I don’t have a grandbaby yet! I said to my Molly, ‘my mum was 20 when she had me, and I was 20 when I had you, come on, bop one out, hurry up'.”

However, the 21-year-old appears to be living her best life in Dublin with her friends.

The former I’m A Celebrity winner shares Molly and Lilly-Sue with ex-husband and former Westlife pop singer Brian McFadden.

Kerry Katona with three daughters, Molly, Heidi and Lilly-Sue.

Katona keeps her social fans on Instagram updated regularly with candid live streams.

Her most recent one had her deterring false claims that her ‘No Regrets’ tour was cancelled. It does in fact begin on the 7 July in her old Manchester stomping ground.

In the same live update, Katona shared that she had been bed bound.

She said: “As you all know, I suffer from a bad back. I’ve just been diagnosed with scoliosis. I've been really really bad. I can only use 50% of my neck so I’ve been struggling a lot, but you know me, I just crack on.

“I kid you not, I was in that much pain, so to get that diagnosis was validating to know where the pain was coming from.”

Molly with her close friends.

Katona and her fiancé Ryan Mahoney revealed to OK! that the pair were ‘in talks with the Manchester Facility Clinic’ as the couple are ‘considering surrogacy options'.

The happy couple got engaged in 2020 and have recently admitted to OK! that ‘jetting off and getting it done’ in Vegas seems most desirable way to get married at this point.

Katona also told OK! That upon reflecting on her own childhood, kids in the 80’s had arguably more of a stimulating upbringing.


She stated: “Kids don’t go out playing anymore!

“I loved playing out with my microwave chips in hand, the ice cream van man would come

"And I’d head off on adventures in the woods - my kids haven’t got a clue without a tablet in their hand.”

It’s pretty clear that whoever it is within the family, babies will be joining the Katona clan one way or another.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Instagram / @kerrykatona7

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