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Kaz Crossley begs fans to stop trolling Theo Campbell after she said an ex leaked video of her snorting white powder

Kaz Crossley begs fans to stop trolling Theo Campbell after she said an ex leaked video of her snorting white powder

Kaz has had to jump to Theo's defence.

Kaz Crossley has had to beg her fans to stop trolling Theo Campbell after she revealed that it was an ex boyfriend who leaked the video of her snorting white powder.

Kaz took to Instagram this week to tell fans the truth after she was jailed in Dubai earlier this month. Here's what she had to say:

The former Love Island star admitted that a video of her sniffing a white substance at a party in Dubai had been leaked by an ex boyfriend with the intention of ruining her career.

As a result of the leaked video, she was detained while transiting through Abu Dhabi on her way to Thailand for her 'dream job' and transported to Dubai, where she was held in custody.

Kaz took 'full accountability' for the situation but admitted that she wasn't in a good place when the video was filmed.

Explaining how the video got out, Kaz told her followers: "The video wasn’t taken by my friend, it was taken by an ex who I was with… for a year.

"Didn’t know he had this video and then when we’ve broken up, that’s when he decided to leak it online."

She added that, not only did the leaked video 'ruin' her career but it 'completely destroyed' her mental health.

Kaz told fans that it wasn't Theo who leaked the video.

After her video went viral, some protective fans jumped straight down the throat of Kaz's most famous ex-boyfriend Theo Campbell, assuming that he was the one who leaked the video.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to assure fans that Theo wasn't the one behind the malicious video leak, Kaz wrote: "It wasn't Theo! We are friends now and just filmed a show together, please stop sending him abuse.

"It was a relationship that I kept private. Thank you for all the love on my recent video. Love you all."

Kaz and Theo started dating in March 2019, soon after her stint on ITV's Love Island, but decided to call it quits in February 2020.

Kaz set the record straight on Instagram.

At the time, Theo seemed pretty torn up about the break up, telling FUBAR radio: "I feel like with us, I kinda gave it my everything and it feels a bit under-appreciated. It's a bit crazy at the moment.

"Before Kaz I hadn't had a girlfriend for five years, and I always said, especially coming off Love Island, that's why I never got with any of the other Love Island girls and nothing like that. I was like they're too mentally unstable! They're too all over the place!"

The pair both later appeared in MTV's Celebrity Ex on the Beach last year.

Kaz and Theo dated for just under a year.
michael melia / Alamy Stock Photo

On the show, he told cameras that he and Kaz had parted ways because 'she changed her mind overnight, apparently'.

He added: "I want to know why. That's why I'm here."

Despite Theo's hopes that Kaz might change her mind and agree to rekindle their romance, they never got back together.

Featured Image Credit: kazcrossley/Instagram/theo_campbell91/Instagram

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