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Love Island star Kaz Crossley admits she ‘made mistakes’ as she speaks out on Dubai drugs arrest

Love Island star Kaz Crossley admits she ‘made mistakes’ as she speaks out on Dubai drugs arrest

Crossley was detained for five days after a video of her was leaked

Love Island's Kaz Crossley admitted she 'made mistakes' as she spoke out for the first time since being jailed in Dubai.

The reality TV star initially assured fans she was 'safe', but released the video this week because she wanted to 'speak [her] own truth':

Kaz, who appeared on the dating show in 2018, was detained at an airport in Abu Dhabi earlier this month before being transported to Dubai, where she had previously been filmed sniffing a white substance while at a party.

In the recent post on her Instagram, Kaz confirmed it was her in the video, which had been filmed in 2020 and leaked the following year.

"No one forced me to do that – it was a time of my life where I definitely didn't love myself at all, probably," she continued. "And this is reflected in what I was doing to my body and who I surrounded myself with."

Kaz said the video got 'leaked', but she didn't think about it while transiting in Abu Dhabi as she made her way to Thailand, where she had an 'amazing job offer'.

"I was so excited for this job offer guys, it was like my dream job and I was staying up all night researching and, yeah, I did not think about the transit in Abu Dhabi and that it would be an issue for me because, obviously, I wasn't thinking... everything happens for a reason," she said.

Kaz had been travelling for a job offer when she was arrested.

The Love Islander was kept in custody from Monday to Friday before being released, and assured that she takes 'full accountability' for the situation.

"I said that that was me in the video and explained the situation, it was a long time ago.. A lot of press have been posting about the situation – me giving exclusive interviews. I haven't spoken to no one."

Kaz claimed the video was leaked by her ex partner with the intention of ruining her career, and said the events 'completely destroyed' her mental health.

Since the video was leaked, however, she has 'done a lot of healing'.

"I didn't speak on the situation at the time... I just wanted it to go away, but that's why now I feel like I can speak to you guys about it. I'm very confident and comfortable now in standing up for my own truth," Kaz continued.

"I've made a lot of mistakes but I will not allow my past to define who I am now, because I'm really truly falling in love with myself and the person I'm becoming."

Kaz said she is now looking to have 'closure' on the situation and move on to the next chapter.

Featured Image Credit: kazcrossley/Instagram

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