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Katie Price launches new business selling used underwear for £350

Katie Price launches new business selling used underwear for £350

Katie Price is selling 'pre-loved' lingerie as official memorabilia for up to £350

Katie Price has revealed she’s launched a new business selling used underwear for as much as £350 a pop, saying she wants to capitalise on 'bags and bags' of items she's had lying around.

The former glamour model announced the new venture on Instagram, having set up a separate page under the handle @kpmemorabilia.

The business flogs ‘pre-loved lingerie’ from Price, with framed and signed lingerie pieces on sale for £200 and full sets – knickers, bra and suspenders – for £350.

Sharing the news with fans, Price, 44, said in a video: "Hey guys, so this is my new little adventure that I'm doing.

"So, through the years I have literally bags and bags of underwear, bras, knickers, suspender belts, stockings, you name it, I've got it."

Katie Price, 44.

Price continued: "So, instead of them being in bags, I get requests all the time for signed memorabilia, so this is basically what I'm gonna do.

"If you just want a suspender belt, and then I'll personally sign it to whoever, then I’ve got some with bras or just knickers, or you can have the set.

“So I'm gonna start off with that, and then if there's any requests for anything else, like books – because I've got loads of my books still – posters, clothes, shoes, anything, I will personally sign it for you."

Price announced the new business on Instagram.

The star also showed an example that she was arranging for a customer called ‘Tom’, who wanted a pair of suspenders.

“This one today, I've had a request for Tom,” she said.

“So 'To Tom...' He wants a bit of wet dreams so, 'Wet dreams'."

The framed suspenders also came with a photograph of Price posing in a baby blue bikini.

One customer's order all ready to go.

If you don’t have quite as much cash to spare – or aren’t in the market for used undies – she is also selling signed books for £35 and personal messages for £50.

Some people commented to say the new venture signalled 'desperate times' and an 'all-time low', with one writing: "No thanks."

Another posted a series of queasy emojis, while another said: "Tell me you’re skint, without telling me you’re skint."

But others were in full support of the idea - one saying: "Think it's a brilliant idea to be fair."

Someone else commented: "All the jealous women in this... personally I think your men have all fancied Katie at one point. Good luck with your underwear venture Katie, I really do hope you get back on your feet. Unlike some of these women, I fully support you."

A third added: "I hope you f**king make millions so you can shut down these haters, go Katie. Followed you since day one, due to the cost of living I'm bl**dy skint."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kpmemorabilia

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