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Katie Price says police are under investigation for 'sharing disgusting content’ about son Harvey

Katie Price says police are under investigation for 'sharing disgusting content’ about son Harvey

"They need to be named, shamed and exposed."

Katie Price has revealed that the police are under investigation for 'sharing disgusting content’ about her son Harvey.

In an Instagram Story posted today (17 February), the 44-year-old model shared a photo of a letter she received from the Metropolitan Police's Discrimination Investigation Unit.

The letter states that a 'number of officers' are accused of creating a WhatsApp group chat that 'posted inappropriate and discriminatory images' of her son.

Daman, a PC Investigator in the Professional Standards Department unit, went on to say that the officers will undergo a public gross misconduct hearing starting on 21 February, which is set to be held at a centre in London.

Katie is understandably shocked by the news, branding the cops' behaviour as 'disgusting'.

She wrote: "I feel the need to share this hand delivered letter from Metropolitan Police.

"It’s disgusting that police officers from here have felt the need to laugh and use disgusting content on Harvey by creating a WhatsApp group.

"I would attend this court day but I'm away. They need to be named, shamed and exposed."

When Tyla reached out to the Met Police for comment, they sent through the referral notice featuring details about the upcoming hearing.

The document states: "The allegations concern the officers' membership of a WhatsApp group, between 2016 to 2018.

"It is alleged that the WhatsApp message group was used, by the officers, to post discriminatory content attacking the protected characteristics of race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation and sex, in the form of messages, memes and videos.

She says the officers need to be 'named, shamed and exposed'.
Instagram/Katie Price

"It is further alleged that this conduct, if proven, amounts to gross misconduct and is so serious as to justify dismissal...

"The hearing will be held at Empress State Building. Viewing is via video link to a dedicated room at Empress State Building, Lillie Road, SW6 1TR."

Although the hearing was set to start on Monday, 20 February, this has since been moved to Tuesday, 21 February, and will run for four days.

Katie previously gave viewers an insight into her experience as a mum to Harvey in the 2021 BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me.

Highlighting the ups and downs of raising a child with severe disabilities, the one-off film described how just months after the now-20-year-old was born, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as septo-optic dysplasia, which brought with it partial blindness.

He was also diagnosed with autism, Prader-Willi syndrome and learning and behavioural difficulties.

Viewers were particularly emotional about scenes which saw Katie and Harvey set out to find a residential college where he could stay and be independent.

Although Harvey became distressed over one visit, during a second trip to National Star College in Ullenwood, near Cheltenham, he was in much better spirits.

Viewers praised Katie for being such a brilliant mum.

But fans were also moved by Katie's parenting, with hundreds taking to Twitter to praise her for her devotion to Harvey and for being such a brilliant mum.

One person tweeted at the time: "Watching @KatiePrice on 'Harvey and Me' full of admiration for her taking on BOTH parent roles and trying her very best for him in this next, crucial stage in his life.

"Have sat in tears watching. What a fantastic young man she has raised."

Another added: "@KatiePrice watching Harvey and Me you have had me in tears! You and Harvey are so brave and inspiring to us all. Be kind has never meant so much to me as watching this."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Katie Price

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